Submission #9075: Mikewillplays's Flash The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1 in 01:04.84

Adobe Flash
libTAS version 1.4.5 + ruffle-nightly-2024_01_16
Submitted by Mikewillplays on 5/18/2024 3:49 PM
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Movie information

  • This movie was made with the --no-gui argument
  • MD5 Hash: 20b64ac9bae0f263d9b42c086d75578f
  • This is a Flash game, I forgot to change that in the annotations

About this game and movie

The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1 is the first chapter in the Impossible Quiz Book trilogy. It is composed out of 50 questions, many of which aren't really questions.
This movie aims to complete question 50, the last question, as fast as possible, using a skip provided by the game that allows you to skip any question. It completes the game faster than the RTA WR by almost 20 seconds.


As you can see, the framerate of this movie is 300 frames per second, which is 10 times the original speed. Since this is mainly a mouse game, the speed of which you can complete certain questions is tied to how fast you can move your mouse (at 30fps, some sections were actually slower than RTA). This makes it so that I can pretty much click 5 times per frame. However, this wouldn't be enough of a reason to change the framerate, I increased the speed because it actually causes a change in the route.

Difference between RTA

If you look at the current RTA WR by Benbenq99, you'll see that they skip a different question from me, that being question 47, the reason why runners do this is because the question requires you to stroke to pole until the tesla coil zaps the dogs chewing on the pole, which takes about 10 seconds to do RTA, but with TAS at 300fps, it takes about 2 seconds, which means there are other question that could be faster to skip. When I first tried making this TAS, I was expecting it to be faster to skip question 14, which has a pretty long wait time of about 4 seconds, however, skipping question 42 turned out to be faster, this is because even though it relies on inputs, those inputs are keyboard inputs, which in this game do not become faster.

Interesting questions

Question 23
In this question, I have to pop the correct number of bubbles, which are either 18, 23 or 27. I get 18, which is the lowest number, meaning I got lucky and got the fastest variant. Shoutout to YoshiRulz for partially writing the "TAS"
Question 30
In this question, you have to press left and right to make Chris the cat march until he gets run over by a tank. As I already said, keyboard inputs don't speed up with the framerate, but this isn't the interesting part. I only pressed left, right then left, but for some reason, Chris completed all of the remaining step without me pressing anything, which is very weird. If I had to guess, the framerate causes some weird things in some questions.
Question 44
In this question, you have to move the word "Mouse" to the word "Here", which makes a button appear that allows you to progress to the next question. This button is always off screen, which means you can simply press it to progress.

Possible improvements

The way the mouse works at 300fps is pretty weird, sometimes you have to wait a little longer, sometimes you click during lag frames and sometimes you have to click twice to register one click, thus, better understanding of the mouse will lead to earlier clicks on some questions.
Question 49
In this question, I move the word "life" to Mars, completing the question. There is a faster variant where you have to click on a part of Mars, which reveals a Phlovomite with a sign saying "YES!" , unfortunately, it's not possible to manipulate which variant you get, and I unfortunately get the slower variant (which by the way only has a 1 in 5 chance of happening).

Run comparison

I made this comparison video that compares this TAS, a 30fps TAS and the RTA WR, you can watch it here

Unused trick

If you press Control and then press Enter, you skip a question, and it can be done in any question, I avoided doing it because not only because it's banned across all speedrun categories of the game, but also because pressing those two keys 50 times doesn't make a very interesting run.

Other TASes

I tried TASing the second chapter of this series, but a libTAS issue made it impossible to progress. I also tried TASing The Impossible Quiz 2, but a Ruffle issue stopped my progress.

Suggested Screenshot

Frame 9868

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: The author's reasoning for exactly 300fps makes sense to me: it's a slight overshoot to be sure the route benefits from faster clicking, while still being manageable. In the future, it'd be hard to consider even higher framerate an improvement unless it also helps to optimize the route itself. At the same time, faster clicking itself looks legitimate because it didn't depend on SWF's internal rendering rate. Accepting.

despoa: Processing... For future encoders, the movie will only sync with the parameter -g gl.
feos: Replacing with a file that has a more complete ending.
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