Submission #908: Vatchern's NES Rockman 3 in 31:53.08

Nintendo Entertainment System
(Submitted: Rockman 3)
FCEU 0.98.12
Rockman 3 (J).nes
Submitted by Vatchern on 12/6/2005 10:57 PM
Submission Comments
This is my first Started solo TAS, but not my first submitted. This project has taken me quite sometime now. Rockman 3 is the original Japinese version of our Megaman 3. This ROM change makes the video start 214 frames faster, so i am really 2750 frames(45.83 seconds) ahead. This wasn't easy. This took alot of thinking, and alot of help.
People I will like to thank:
Finalfighter: For his Zipping techniques.
Bisqwit: For watching over my WIP and his comments to help me ALOT!!
Angerfist: For keeping on for me to finish, and also alot his help.
Shinryuu: For finding some neat techniques!
Adelikat: For the amazing Last wily boss technique. THANKS GUY!
Other people watching and commenting:
Makou, Bagofmagicfood, Randil, JXQ, Thereisnospoon, TNSe, Theaxeman, A runnelid, Highness, 4matsy.
And a VERY special thanks, to DeHackEd. I used his storage space online so many times, i can not thank him enough.
Quote: "Practise makes Frame Perfection"

Bisqwit: Submission file updated for Vatchern's request. Also, marking as accepted.
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