Submission #9171: Induviel's GBC Tonic Trouble in 15:28.65

Game Boy Color
Tonic Trouble
BizHawk 2.9.1
Tonic Trouble (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl).gbc
Submitted by Induviel on 7/8/2024 10:51 AM
Submission Comments
Tonic Trouble for the Gameboy Color is a 2D platformer. In it, you go through 6 worlds, each with 3 levels, where you have to collect 6 of the key items in each world to unlock the next.

Game Objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.9.1
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes intentional damage
  • Takes intentional deaths


L+R Moonwalk

When pressing Left + Right at the same time, Edd will move right while looking left, this can be used when taking damage to make the stun nimation move Edd right instead of left. This doesn't work if you are moving left, or if what you get hit by is a projectile (for whatever reason).
It can also be used to avoid the ledge grab animation, and its used for this reason in Vegetable HQ 2 to squeeze over the chili pepper at the end of the level, since the jump you need to get over it would make you garb the ledge otherwise. That also skips having to take a detour and transform into Super Edd to defeat the pepper.

Super Edd attack animation cancel

When transformed into Super Edd, if you attack at specific frames when walking, the attack will happen instantly, with no animation. Probably this is because the attack happens when walking animation cycle wraps around.

Pig Scientist quick kill

In that bossfight, you are supposed to wait for some cables to appear, so you can then walk into them to reach the boss, and after hitting it, the boss is supposed to push you back into the left platform, rinse and repeat 3 times.
But, those cables already kind of exist, somewhat, if you jump into where they should be they damage you, and if you do a frame perfect jump at the frame before they damage you, you can buffer a jump to inmediately reach the boss. Now, after you hit the boss, you get behind enough, the animation of the boss pushing you won't work as expected, and it will just teleport you near it, so if you preemptively jump and attack before that happens, you get to inmediately hit him again.

Death level exit

If you run out of lives in a level, the game exits you out of it. This is used in Doc's Cave 3 to skip having to fight the boss, snce that world is the only one where the last key item is before the boss. And spending all that time dying over and over is way faster than the bossfight.


The RNG adress is 028A. In this game, the RNG is not random, at all, its just a sequence of numbers, it adds a specific value each time the RNG is used, following the sequence 1, 65, 128, 193, 1, 64, 129, 192, 1, 65, etc. But, if you poke the adress before the value is going to change, it won't add the same amount, but a different one within the sequence, so I'm pretty sure its just a lookup table.
RNG changes in a few ways, if you stay still enough that the idle animation finishes, or at certain spots in levels, if you don't jump. It's also used by the chili pepper enemy on Vegetable HQ.
There's really only one thing in this game that's dependant on RNG, that matters, where exactly the Pyramid boss comes out in each cycle. Poking the adress to see how changing the RNG would affect the fight, the one I got here is the best, at least without wasting time to get a slightly better one, which would be counterproductive.


On Grogh's Lair 1, I wait for a few seconds on the exit. This is because if you exit before the last button is done with its animation, one of the buttons on the next level will not spawn, which would softlock the level.
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