Applications and plug-ins for TASVideos

TASVideos offers APIs and data feeds to allow the creation of custom applications or plug-ins to interact with TASVideos content. These applications can automatically download new movies, inform you of updates, or provide you well organized lists of movies to watch from specialty devices such as your home theater or cell phone.

News / Feed aggregators

Any RSS supporting reader or plug-in for your application or website should support our various feeds.
You can subscribe to a combined feed for news, publications, and submissions. A feed for wiki changes. Or several others.
Our feeds conform to RSS 2 and Media RSS 1.5.

Video Players

Some video players offer channels from RSS feeds or allow automatic downloading from feeds for viewing later. We provide several channel like feeds, such as feeds per console system or for noteworthy movies (featured, top rated...).

Home Theater


XBMC is a free home theater/media center platform similar to Windows Media Center. It is cross platform and works on computers or devices using Android, Apple TV OS, FreeBSD, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, XBox, running on AMD64, ARM, PowerPC, x86, and more.
Insayne created a plug-in for it so you can browse through TASs comfortably with the rest of your media, and watch what you have, or download more TAS videos with ease, right from your remote control.

Cell Phones

For staff


The encoders site offers an API to upload movies to our YouTube TASVideos Channel.
The following applications are approved for uploading videos:

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