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Multimedia movies (AVI, MKV and MP4)

Our Movies section allows users to download multimedia files. All files are available from archive.org mirror links. You will need the proper codec to play them.


A codec is a piece of software that encodes or decodes an audio and/or video file.
Almost all multimedia movies encoded on this site use the H264 standard for video. Very old movies use DivX or XviD. Movies on this site use either Vorbis or AAC for audio, older movies use MP3 instead.
If you can hear sound but there is no video, you need an H264 codec. There are a couple options:

Media Players

Your operating system probably already includes a standard media player, but you can try one of these if the standard media player doesn't work well.




10-bit / YUV444 encodes

MPlayer and mpv on all platforms

MPlayer and MPlayer2 support these encodes.


The latest versions of VLC player supports 10-bit encodes.

Windows with Media Player Classic

In order to play such encodes back you will need the latest LAV Filters, plugged into Media Player Classic. To configure the latter to use them for output, go to: View -> Options -> External filters, press "Add filter" button and choose "LAV Video Decoder", then highlight it and choose "Prefer" radiobutton. If you are going to watch .MP4 files, disable MP4/MOV internal filter.
If you want to watch such videos in greater resolution, still seeing sharp pixels, go to: View -> Playback -> Output, and choose "Resizer" -> "Nearest neighbour". And to see the resized pixels properly, scale only by an integer number.

Emulators and Key Input Movies

All our Movies include a key input file. You need an emulator and a ROM to play them. We do NOT supply ROMs.


Download emulators needed to play and record key input movies.
Read the FAQ if you have any problems with playback.


Our TASTools repository offers a number of useful utilities for movie editing, movie making, and various publication work. For detailed informations of subprojects refer to the previous repository.
Text editors
Hex editors

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