Cheating with BizHawk


Cheating is generally NOT allowed in, RTA runs or TAS movies.

Cheating is NOT recommend for a Movie recorded in BizHawk. It will more than likely, desync quickly if not outright.


This guide can also help you create RAM Watches for games.

This does NOT make a core that does NOT support cheats, magically support cheats.

How to Start

There's two ways to cheat using BizHawk.
To use RAW Codes, requires some work. While the cheat device codes, require other methods of work. However, both code types work inside BizHawk.
If you want to use Cheat Device codes, then the section Code Converter Tool would be of interest to you.
If you want to use RAW codes, then the sections RAM Addresses, Domains and Values, RAM Watch and Cheat Dialog would be of interest to you.
If you want to find cheats, is a great resource for all kinds of cheat codes.

RAM Addresses, Domains and Values


RAM Watch


When you create a new RAM Watch, you are given several paramaters to fill in.
The Address is the current RAM Address you want to watch. Notes, is a description for the RAM Watch you are creating. Size is the Byte Size for the RAM Address you are looking at. Display Type changes how the RAM Watch tool shows your value(s). Big Endian sets the byte order to Least important to most important. Memory Domain, is what RAM Domain you want to watch.

Cheat Dialog

How to use it

The Cheat Dialog is like the RAM Watch dialog, except instead of only reading RAM values, it can write them as well.
If you are using RAW Cheats, this is the tool to use to get those cheats working.


Code Converter Tool


The Code Converter Tool is a custom built form for converting almost all cheat codes for the major cheat devices, into RAW cheats for BizHawk. The tool is pretty smart.


To use the Code Converter Tool is pretty simple. Open a ROM in a core that supports Cheats. The Tool will become enabled. Enter a description, if you want to. Enter the Code you want to add. Click on Convert. Enjoy.


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