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FCE Ultra (also known as FCEU) is a NES/Famicom/FDS emulator. It is well-supported by this site, and it led to the downfall of Famtasia, the first known TAS-capable emulator.
FCEUX, the latest version of FCE Ultra, was a project to unify all well-known FCEU forks, as well as fixing a problem with save RAM.
Download FCEUX from the official site

Playing FDS files in FCEUX

A special BIOS file named disksys.rom is required to play FDS files (files ending in .fds). It should be placed in the FCEUX folder.

Older versions

Most .fcm files will sync with FCEUX when converted. Details on movies that do or don't convert are documented here.


Emulator functions

FCEUX has full support of rerecording, frame advance, speed slowdown, display (movie count, input), fast-forward, memory watch, and Lua scripting. All keymaps are customizable.
Older versions (FCEU 0.98.28) allow enabling background input as well as recording from reset. They have been taken out in FCEUX.

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