Making dump file


Programs needed

Making lossless video and audio

60 fps fixed

dumpconvert --video-width=640 --video-height=400 --video-framerate=60 --audio-delay=1.895 --output-wav=audio.wav --output-x264=raw.avi,crf=0,fullrange=on dump.jmd
If Ogg Vorbis audio is OK and you have oggenc, you could also replace --output-wav option with --output-oggenc=audio.ogg,quality=3 (adjust quality to taste, 3 is reasonable). In this case, the audio delay should be length of logo, since Vorbis has no known codec delay.
If you don't have x264 that works with dumpconvert, you can also dump raw i420 by using --output-rawi420=video.yuv instead of --output-x264 option. If this results red and blue swapped around, use --output-rawi420-uvswap=video.yuv (swap red and blue before writing). Note that these files will be large.

Variable fps

dumpconvert --video-width=640 --video-height=400 --video-framerate=auto --audio-delay=1.895 --output-wav=audio.wav --output-x264=raw.avi,crf=0,fullrange=on --output-timecodev2=times.txt --video-max-dedup=29 dump.jmd
Note: Due to output being variable fps without correct timecodes, the timecodes in raw.avi will be who knows what. Take this into consideration when inserting subtitles.

Very quick'n'dirty way to make WIP encode (no logo, no subtitles)

dumpconvert --video-width=640 --video-height=400 --video-framerate=auto --output-oggenc=audio.ogg,quality=3 --output-x264=video.mkv,crf=20 --output-timecodev2=times.txt --video-max-dedup=29 dump.jmd
mkvmerge --aspect-ratio=1:4/3 --timecodes=1:times.txt -o wipencode.mkv video.mkv audio.ogg

Streamtools errata:

This is for producing stuff for further encoding (see the encoding guide). Thus advanced features like logo insertion, subtitling are not covered here.

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