VBjin is a Virtual Boy Emulator for Windows platforms.
This emulator is deprecated, Bizhawk should be used instead.
It comes from the merging of the PCEjin emulator with the mednafen.9 Virtual Boy core. VBjin supports rerecording and TAS tools.

May 21, 2010: VBjin svn61 released!
* ROM loading from commandline (which means movie loading now possible as well)
* added Lua functions - memory.readbyte, memory.writebyte, memory.readword, memorywriteword
* MusicSelect.lua - a script that allows the selecting and playing of music tracks in a game
* Recent menu items enable sound on load (not just the open menu)
* View->Mix Left & Right View options as well as other display options
* Wave file logging
* RAM Search - fix update previous values
* RAM Search - redraw the list when search size/format is changed
* Improved sound quality
* Runs faster! (capable of full fps)
Most of these fixes come from ugetab, so much thanks to him.


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