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VBjin is a Virtual Boy Emulator for Windows platforms.

This emulator is deprecated, [Bizhawk] should be used instead.

It comes from the merging of the [EmulatorResources/Pcejin|PCEjin] emulator with the [|mednafen.9] Virtual Boy core.
VBjin supports rerecording and TAS tools.


May 21, 2010: VBjin svn61 released!

 * ROM loading from commandline (which means movie loading now possible as well)
 * added Lua functions - memory.readbyte, memory.writebyte, memory.readword, memorywriteword
 * MusicSelect.lua - a script that allows the selecting and playing of music tracks in a game
 * Recent menu items enable sound on load (not just the open menu)
 * View->Mix Left & Right View options as well as other display options
 * Wave file logging
 * RAM Search - fix update previous values
 * RAM Search - redraw the list when search size/format is changed
 * Improved sound quality
 * Runs faster! (capable of full fps)

Most of these fixes come from ugetab, so much thanks to him.

!! Downloads

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