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Let's talk Pikmin 2: Region I am making an "All Treasures" TAS (based on the RTA category). Due to significant regional differences particularly with treasure values and weights, the JP version is overall the fastest category. However, the complexity of the carrying speed formula and random cave generation make it near impossible to pinpoint the exact timesave of one version over another. How exactly would this be handled? Optimization The main appeal of TASing this game for me is in the planning/routing. However, my actual gameplay, although faster than any RTA player, often leaves room for improvement, as has been shown by another TASer who focuses more on challenge mode. Would a completed run still be acceptable if a few seconds here and there could be saved with many more hours of fine optimizations? Dolphin Version I am still planning on using Dolphin Lua Core for the run, despite upcoming TAS improvements to mainline Dolphin. Is Lua Core still an acceptable standard for TASvideos?
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