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Post subject: Re: #6220: DuduGamerEXT's SNES Top Gear 2 "USA%" in 10:52.64
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TASVideoAgent wrote:
This is an automatically posted message for discussing submission: #6220: DuduGamerEXT's SNES Top Gear 2 "USA%" in 10:52.64 See details at: <a></a> Download submission here: <a></a> Submission status: judging underway Last edited by: feos
The submission message follows: <blockquote>Original vĂ­deo <a></a> <p>This was not the best TAS I've done, I just wanted to bring something acceptable to TASVideos, and if that TAS is not accepted, I'll understand that it's not good enough, but at least I tried to make an acceptable TAS, and I do not care if do not post my TAS, I'll be happy to have done this project, the important thing is to be cool, not boring with awful audio, at least I tried to do something that sucks at that site, hugs <p>
<a>feos</a>: Judging... </blockquote>
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