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While Nazo no Murasamejou is being poked around lazily by me, I've been doing some playing around with the original version of Rygar, which is different from the NES version in many ways. For one, the arcade is a simple side-scroller split into 2(7?) stages where you can find power-ups in stones to lengthen the Diskarmor, kill anything by jumping on it, giving more power to the Diskarmor among other things, while the NES version's time is spent finding different weapons and items to be able to cross paths and takes more of a Metroid-ish style. So yeah, I made a little test-run of the first six stages, and found a few little things: -Walking is faster than jumping in this version since you have to wait a few frames in place before actually jumping. -This applies to jumping off of enemies too. Scratch that, jumping off of enemies should be done instead of jumping as you stop for a few frames before actually jumping, but your speed in air is the same as speed on ground. -Enemies should generally not be killed, since every kill adds a few frames on at the end of the stage. -Same thing with Point Bonuses. -There's a strange trick that can be done with the pillar enemies where you can jump off of some of the enemies in the middle of the pillar, which can be used to jump over the pillar instead of wasting time killing them. -If you jump on an enemy while it is partially inside of a solid block, it will not be stunned and can be jumped on twice, which I use in Stage 6 to save a few frames by not re-jumping from the ground. Here's the test run, by the way. (using I shall keep poking around this through the weekend before starting a real run next week or something. (hopefully)
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