Post subject: Master of Darkness
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I was just going to test the physics on this game, but right on the start, I made a really cool glitch happen,. do you know how a weapon's reach is calculated when you change it? You're in front of the enemy, and your attack didn't reach it, but then, you get the item for a hammer, ... the hammer is a weapon of better reach, ... now the enemy is suddenly near enough to get hit, and it explodes during your knife attack! .... I don't know if it sounded cool, but it was when I found out ... u_u My WIP, playing the game in frame advance, not optimised (Dega 1.16 doze) My time left on each level: 1-1: 348 ... 1-2: 343 ... 1-3: 330 2-1: 333 ... 2-2: 339 ... 2-3: 340 3-1: 349 ... 3-2: 354 ... 3-3: 324 4-1: 345 ... 4-2: 302 ... 4-3: 276 5-1: 317 Notes: 1- I think I'm using the best shortcuts and shorter paths of levels, but if someone know any shortcut, let me know \o 2- My goal was sub 20, but it reached 20 minutes exactly at the final score counting.... when I defeat the final boss, it was still 19:54 or something around it .. +D 3- My usage of shooting weapons can be improved, a lot, but there are already some miracles being done, like killing a group of enemies with one bomb, and two bats with a boomerang xP 4- Bosses are really easy here, I should just focus a little more on hitting them on the first frame possible... +D 5- I'm learning a lot on TAS skills here, jumping on the first frame possible or on the last one,.. taking damage to go front and save time,.. manipulating enemies to go the wrong direction,.. 6- Delayers: jumping costs 4~5 frames of speed... taking damage is around 20~40... stopping to attack or shoot is around 10~15,... and it is probably quicker by few frames to jump three full-blocks away of a cliff to go down instead of letting your character fall.. More to be said around here later, I was going to write it all, about glitches, shortcuts, level by level, number of frames. .... and don't know if Castlevania fans love or hate this game... >D Comments on my TASes tries (if I didn't say it before) are fully, greatly, extremely appreciated, and needed, so please, do it! XD EDIT 26/06/2011: This will be soon a real submission, sent to be judged, commented (even if by few people), and probably Gruefooded, but ... I'm redoing already and I managed to discover many time saving tricks, allowing me to save about 2000 frames, and I'm just starting the third boss battle yet, sub-20 is too easy now, aiming for sub-19! \o/ EDIT 2: 4362 frames saved. My time left on each level: 1-1: 349 ... 1-2: 343 ... 1-3: 333 2-1: 335 ... 2-2: 341 ... 2-3: 347 3-1: 352 ... 3-2: 357 ... 3-3: 333 4-1: 347 ... 4-2: 305 ... 4-3: 302 5-1: 323 Should I try publishing it? Oh yeah, no one access this thread or this entire section... +D EDIT 3: These 2 last bosses really need better RNG managing, luck manipulation, and probably better subweapon planning.... .-. EDIT4: 5-1: 329, 4712 frames faster, ok, I'm submitting it! ò_o EDIT5: That's the final one.. I'm forever waiting for klmz's run .... 8D
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Hi, This is a wip in pacifist and ultra pacifist mode : Link to download pacifist .bk2 : Link to download ultra pacifist .bk2: Use Bizhawk 2.2.1
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