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I would love to see Octodad: Dadliest Catch get TASed. I don't know if it's possible, though. Physics engines like that tend to be rough determinism/syncing. Also I couldn't even get it to start in libTAS, much less sync. Something about SDL-Dynapi? Unfortunately it seems to be a statically-linked executable, and I think those usually give libTAS a lot of trouble. But I think if it were possible, it sure would be a sight to behold...
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SuperTuxKart - I have a topic about it.
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Funny and hard game. Link to video
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I'd love to see the SUGURI franchise TAS'd, including the games SUGURI, Sora, Acceleration of SUGURI and Acceleration of SUGURI 2. They all require Wine on Linux to run in libTAS, in lieu of official Linux releases. Sora requires enabling "Native events" in libTAS for the launcher window to work, and it requires enabling time-tracking threads in order to prevent a softlock at startup (which specific ones I don't know, but at the very least enabling all of them works). Game does not mute even with Sound > Mute checked, and the audio runs non-deterministically (BGM keeps playing at normal speed even when the game window is paused), but the game seems to run deterministically. The big problem, however, is that, while making a savestate works correctly, loading it crashes Wine. AoS2 flatout crashes Wine when trying to run in libTAS (running the game standalone works fine though). Haven't gotten around to test SUGURI or AoS1 (or its re-release Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition), but I assume they might have similar issues.
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You may want to post that on the libtas github page instead of here. This topic is just a wishlist, not bug reports.
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i want to see how someone can break Rain World with tas tools
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Games I'd like to see TASed, that I've thought of so far. It's a shame there aren't more Linux ports of Windows games; libTAS seems to be compatible with a lot of recent releases. Windows:
  • The newer Shantae games - Should make for just as much entertaining action as the run of the only currently TASable game in the series.
  • Hello Neighbor - Lots of physics abuse will make for a short run, even shorter and glitchier than RTA runs.
  • Assault Android Cactus - A twin-stick shooter with dazzling graphics, and multiple characters each with two unique weapons. Runs in Unity 5 and would make for an enjoyable and varied run. (Cactus is an assault android, that's why it's named that.)
  • Golf with Your Friends - A 3D minigolf game that, despite the name, is fastest with one player. With enough power on your shot and a slight elevation change, you can skip large parts of courses. Not sure if libTAS can run 3D games yet.
  • Guacamelee! Gold Edition - A Metroid-style game with a roughly half-hour speedrun. Could work in libTAS, as it's 2D and has low system requirements. Also has a Windows version that supports XP, if Hourglass testing is needed.
  • Mark of the Ninja - Stealth platformer. There are original and remastered versions with different system requirements, not sure how they differ in terms of run content.
  • Streets of Rage 4 - The newest game in the series just released on many platforms including Linux. Uses the FNA/MonoGame engine like TowerFall, Celeste, and Axiom Verge, so it should run in libTAS.
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The Mummy Demastered Reasons why a TAS would be awesome. - Early game until speed boost has a frame perfect trick "RBJ" The Roll Boost Jump is a mechanic I found recently; when rolling on the last frame of a platform when falling, you gain a boost of speed. This is a roll boost, however if you continue to jump on the first few* frames that you are grounded, you can maintain the boost speed. This would make early game so much fun to optimize and see swift movement. After picking up sprint speed (8:xx-9:xx), the RBJ's are probably not used as frequently. - Platform jumping has a huge hitbox. You can activate a jump when you feet to mid knee is inside any platform. This allows awesome cloud steps and sick coyote jumps, I am sure you could abuse damage boosting to skip certain sections. - Phase dash - Going OOB with the phase dash allows you to skip rooms completely by activating other exit/entrance tunnel transitions. Also building up your phase dash allows you to SUPER dash. This is an amazing way to speed through the game. - "WSG" Weapon Swap Glitch allows your to cycles through weapons and continue DPS on boss fights. Could be used in the game but mostly used for boss fights to help melt their HP. - Final boss phase 2 skip - I recently practiced any% no oob after my GDQ run and found this bug by accident. If you damage princess ahmanet as she teleports during her first cycle to second cycle, you register a KO as the second phase memory loads? I have no idea what I am talking about but this allows you to save 2 minutes and is RNG and frame perfect. I have speedrun every category in the game, know about all the mechanics and would help provide any information with detailed vod's and knowledge of game play. Would be truly amazing if an experience TAS'r would help contribute their own personal time to this project. Thank you for your consideration and may the frames be with you!
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I would like to see Rabi-Ribi tased considering how it is a great metroidvania style game.
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CoolHandMike wrote:
I would like to see Rabi-Ribi tased considering how it is a great metroidvania style game.
And speaking of great m'vanias, there's Timespinner. Apparently there's a TAS already on youtube, too.
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I'd love to see Robot Wants It All TAS'd. Preferably in 100%, no cheats style.
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I'd love to see a Pizza Tower TAS at some point. the game just came out on steam, and it was made for speedrunning. any% and 100% runs would be great but IL runs would be fun to watch too
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mindnomad wrote:
I'd love to see a Pizza Tower TAS at some point. the game just came out on steam, and it was made for speedrunning. any% and 100% runs would be great but IL runs would be fun to watch too
Game appears to be made in GameMaker, so it might be able to be ported over to Linux and TASed,
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