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TAS - Pictian I Did frame-by-frame, lots of Rerecords, & tried my best on this
Contents: Frames - 26215 Glitches - Yes Slowdowns - Yes Length - 00:07:17 Rerecords - 361
Pictian: a Easy successful TAS

DarkKobold: Pictian, I would like to encourage you to continue to TAS, however, your movies are not up to submission quality. You are required to get approval now before submitting again. Please use the forums to display your works, and your ability to submit will be re-instated. Thank you. Canceled.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #3235: Pictian's SNES Super Mario All-Stars "SMB1" in 07:16.92
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This desyncs for me in 1-2 in the versions of v1.43 that I've tried playing it back in (v13 and v17). (Yes, the movie file indicates it was done in a v1.43 revision.) Can you tell us what version of snes9x you used Nevertheless I can see that even if the full run were to sync, it would not be very impressive. Why not?
  • There are point where you appear to move backwards for no adequately explained reason.
  • You hit the top of the flagpole in 1-1, wasting time as compared to the bottom...
  • ...and end up with fireworks, also wasting time.
Were the run to sync, I note that even accounting for the 648 frame delay to the title screen, this run fails to beat the [movie 1715]currently published SMB1 movie[/movie]. I do not believe 361 rerecords constitutes "lots of Rerecords", in your own words, besides which rerecords don't necessarily correlate to the amount of effort to this run. Note, however, that [movie 1715]the currently published SMB1 movie[/movie] quotes 9739 rerecords. I've [post 275523]twice[/post] [post 275937]advised[/post] you to run your runs by the community (i.e. post them in the fora) *before* placing them in the queue to check if what you're doing lives up to the site expectations. Clearly, you haven't understood this. We may consider removing your ability to make submissions until such a time as you have put together a submission worth our consideration. In the mean time, this run gets a No for continually failing to understand the purpose of the site.
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