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A free vrsion of this game is kept here. It features a gameplay interesting because of a layout switch option (eversion), that allows to collect all gems and open the last level in order to get the Best Ending. v1.5.2 provides the last level different from the later releases. It keeps randomly everting and you shall walk your way to the end considering that. The last level in v1.7.3 allows different routes, that depend on the evertion point you use. The rooms get looped if you skip the necessary evertion point.
Tricks: - If the evertion occurs when you are behind a platform, that was invisible in the previous layer, but becomes active now, you get warped up. - If you jump and bump the corner of the platform that is right above you, you fly as long as you hold Jump button. The similar thing seems to happen if you bump the lateral face of a platform and slide down along it. - You can knock out a gem from an outermost block by bumping it's corner and instantly resume flying onto it, no need to jump again (SMB style). - Some strange death-evertion trick, used by Acmlm. Explanation needed. - After you pick the last gem in level 7 you may press Escape button and skip the rest way to the flagpole, then start level 7 again and evert it to the last layer.
Acmlm wrote:
There's actually 3 possible goals for this game: (my vote would go to 100% too) - Any%, bad ending (the shortest, but doesn't even finish the game) - Any%, good ending (you can use another glitch to evert to 6-8 and 7-8, then access world 8 without all gems) - 100%, good ending (much more planning and running around yet still short) The evert glitch also makes world 8 much shorter and more interesting. I had test runs for both good endings (any% in 4:01, 100% in 9:27), and an unfinished improvement for 100% that would have been under 9 minutes ...

Now here are Acmlm's cool WIPs: Link to video Link to video Link to video EDIT: The Glitched branch is definetely publication worty, Bad Ending is not at all, 100% is pleasant because of all the strategic decisions needed to make that long 7th level fast.
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