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Here is a speedrun with new and unique goals. It shows many parts of each level not visible in any other type of run. We practically see everything in the game.
For those not familiar with PERFECT BONUS, here’s a brief explanation.

PERFECT BONUS: This level bonus is obtained by collecting all free-floating rings in a level, so ring TVs aren’t necessary. Losing rings by taking damage doesn’t matter. The bonus is worth 50,000 points, which is useful for high scores, but it takes a lot of time.

  • Goals:
    • Priority: Collect all the rings as fast as possible.
    • Don’t take any TV monitor worth 10 rings.
    • No deaths.
    • Don’t take damage or lose rings.
    • Show PERFECT BONUS! On each level’s score tally screen.
    • 1 Player controls 2 Characters.
  • Time table:
ZoneTimeRings Collected
Emerald Hill Zone 11:11::59225
Emerald Hill Zone 21:29::42226
Chemical Plant Zone 11:49::51195
Chemical Plant Zone 22:09::24152
Aquatic Ruin Zone 11:06::12176
Aquatic Ruin Zone 22:01::25217
Casino Night Zone 12:11::53232
Casino Night Zone 2Skipped---
Hill Top Zone 11:07::55146
Hill Top Zone 23:04::34199
Mystic Cave Zone 11:16::56183
Mystic Cave Zone 2Skipped---
Oil Ocean Zone 12:02::19207
Oil Ocean Zone 2Skipped---
Metropolis Zone 11:41::47218
Metropolis Zone 2Skipped---
Metropolis Zone 32:25::08153
Sky Chase Zone2:05::5867
Wing Fortress Zone2:17::05196
Death Egg Zone0:41::130

  • Author comments:
At the beginning, I used the level-select code because there are areas where unreachable (inside solid objects, too high, etc.) rings made PERFECT BONUS impossible. I used both controllers to speed up the song selection: 19, 65, 9, 17.
Emerald Hill Zone 1
In the early levels, Tails was a big help getting rings in nearby alternate routes to avoid backtracking.
Emerald Hill Zone 2
Here the situation is similar to the previous level and we had to sacrifice tails so Sonic could power through the level. Especially when 2 nearby routes with rings diverged.
Chemical Plant Zone 1
These zones were more complex due to the various possible paths. I had a good chance to improve this zone's route with practice. Tails does again a good job with the rings left in the zone.
Chemical Plant Zone 2
There was an unfortunate desync here when I edited the movie to have the level select code. While redoing the level, even though I found some improvements, the final time was around 3 seconds slower.
Aquatic Ruin Zone 1
The hard parts here were the underwater segments, because of slower movements, so I had to really take advantage of the spindash’s acceleration. I was also able to improve some things during the do-over, like the final jump which propelled me to the end quicker.
Aquatic Ruin Zone 2
Here was the first area with an unreachable ring. It’s in the second-to-last column underwater. However, we overcame that by abusing sprite collisions with Tails off-screen, and achieved our goal successfully.
Casino Night Zone 1
This zone’s design was a tough opponent. Something strange happens here: the music tempo speeds up when I collect 2 lives while I still have the speed-shoes on. I found a quick jump in the narrow passages that saved 1.4 seconds in each one.
Casino Night Zone 2
Level skipped. My only choice was to skip due to a group of rings that are way out of reach. Apologies for not playing.
Hill Top Zone 1
This zone was very simple: it only has 1 route which is easy to run through, and it has very few rings.
Hill Top Zone 2
This was a tough one, and thanks go to FuzZerd for finding a video demonstrating a strategy for backtracking so we can take both (normally exclusive) routes. Here, Tails plays an important role, since without him, PERFECT BONUS is impossible. Near the end of the lower path, I need to jump off the elevator early for sonic to bounce high enough on the extra life TV monitor to start backtracking. The height required means we would miss 3 rings, but Tails can take care of that. To go through the locked gates, Sonic must spindash in a precise location so he passes under it while it closes. Tails can also keep them open.
Mystic Cave Zone 1
Tails collects out-of-the-way rings, sometimes sacrificing himself. Tails was a big help and I would like to give special thanks to him for his work in this zone.
Mystic Cave Zone 2
Level skipped. There are out-of-the-way rings that only Knuckles can collect. Apologies for not playing this level.
Oil Ocean Zone 1
There were groups of rings that, when collected by both characters, saved time. Also, the ability to go under the oil helped with backtracking and advancing where necessary.
Oil Ocean Zone 2
Level skipped. It’s a shame to skip this level since we found some pretty good glitches to help with the unreachable rings.
  • First, SkyChase found a glitch that causes antigravity and gives Super Sonic physics. It’s like a double glitch.
  • Second, marzojr found how to get 2 of the 6 groups of unreachable rings (each group is 3 rings). The first and the last.
  • We couldn’t figure out how to get to the other 4 groups, and for that reason, we had no choice but to skip this level.
Metropolis Zone 1
Since this is a zone that "loops" we can use a glitch that lets use go through some obstacles and terrain. The route-planning involved consideration of this fact so we could backtrack through points of no return.
Metropolis Zone 2
Level skipped. Also because of unreachable rings. Apologies for not playing this level.
Metropolis Zone 3
Route-planning here was a little more complex. I found a way to go through closed doors similar to the method used in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but here we need to do 3 quick spindashes with a single rev instead of 6. The screen moves back enough during the first 2 spindashes that the 3rd allows us to clip through, albeit with low speed. However, this is still much faster than waiting for the door to open normally.
Also on the last three spinning gears, we pause to waste 1 frame because there’s an frame-rule that doesn’t allow the jump to make it otherwise (the pause avoids this), so that’s why you hear a strange sound. And a little later we use the same trick as in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Any%. And finally, the boss fight is a little slower than usual because we don’t want Sonic to take damage. The only way to break through the egg barrier that spins around Eggman is with damaged and invincible Tails.
Sky Chase Zone
These last 3 zones don’t show PERFECT BONUS when finished, but the goal is still met. Here, the only things to are get rings and destroy enemies. Initially I didn’t know there were rings hidden behind some clouds, but that problem was easily fixed.
Wing Fortress Zone
Eggman’s great flying fortress’ route was quite simple and didn’t require much planning. Just run through the fortress and pick up the rings you pass. I stop at the motors in the ship in order to advance when the path opens. Then, keep advancing in the normal route.
Death Egg Zone
Finally, the last zone. Here, the battle with Metal Sonic was easy. The hard thing to do was hitting the final boss the first 3 times. Afterwards, keep attacking with the same pattern and run away with a spindash at max speed.
Special Thanks
  • Thanks to marzojr for his file sonic_hud.lua and to all involved in the development of this LUA file and for finding this helpful RAM value.
Memory AddressDescription
word @ FFFF40 (unsigned)Shows the rings left to collect in a level for a PERFECT BONUS
  • Thanks to FuzZerd for finding the helpful Hill Top Zone 2 PERFECT BONUS strategy video. If not for that video, the level would have been skipped.
  • Thanks to this team: bkDJ, marzojr, FuzZerd, DDRKhat, skychase and boct1584. They supported me and motivated me to finish this project.
  • Thanks to bkDJ (mainly) and Hepburn (a little) for translating this submission.
  • Also thanks to Tails, for speeding things up on many occasions.

Suggested Screenshot
I leave it to you to choose a good image.

Nach: While this run is pretty good for what it tries to do, it has a number of flaws. It uses a cheat code. It arbitrarily avoids some items and wastes time. It doesn't complete the whole game.
TASs are supposed to look practically perfect. When many people actually notice a flaw in the play, the perfect image is shattered, those sections need to be redone.
A TAS which aims to collect all rings should go through the game and beat it collecting all rings. The other objectives don't really work in this game.
Maybe you can just redo the sections/levels which need work, and copy+paste the input into a full run. I hope you don't get discouraged, this was a very good first time run other than the aforementioned problems. But in any case, I have no choice but to reject this. I hope you will submit a better run which fixes the issues with this one in the future.

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Been watching all the WIPs, and all I can say is YESYESYESYESYES. So awesome. Great job Felipe!
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Saw this and thought "Oh cool, another small improvement." Then I read the sub text and OMG I CAN NOT WAIT FOR AN ENCODE!!! I really hope some one gets one done soon and thanks in advance for whoever does :)
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Heidman wrote:
Saw this and thought "Oh cool, another small improvement." Then I read the sub text and OMG I CAN NOT WAIT FOR AN ENCODE!!! I really hope some one gets one done soon and thanks in advance for whoever does :)
In fact, there are improves to Sonic the hedgehog 2 Any%.
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Good to hear. Thanks for a sweet category btw
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I still think this would be better off playing all levels instead of skipping them, even if you just used the any% route while measuring the run by the number of perfects it gets.
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It's a shame the final levels don't give you the visual satisfaction of the Perfect Bonus since they lack score tallies, but overall I love this run. Felipe should definitely have a shot at the "Best TAS Newcomer" award for 2012, if such a thing exists :P Obvious yes vote.
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Silver Sonic, not Metal Sonic! Great job!
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Mr. Pwnage wrote:
I still think this would be better off playing all levels instead of skipping them, even if you just used the any% route while measuring the run by the number of perfects it gets.
I had said why I not had continued with levels omitted.
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bkDJ wrote:
Felipe should definitely have a shot at the "Best TAS Newcomer" award for 2012, if such a thing exists :P
There's a "Rookie of 2012" award. He could win that. I'm looking forward to watching this, but I'll probably vote Yes.
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Since no one is good enough to work on an encode, I will do it. I need to thank that I have a laptop and a computer. EDIT: Since this TAS has a good future (I just watched, yes vote BTW), I will do it in HD. HD encode
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antd wrote:
all gens encodes are breaking: so i won't encode this.
That video is incredible. I'm so glad you uploaded it. I watched.. a lot of it..... The minute or so starting at ~34:33 is especially profound.
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antd wrote:
all gens encodes are breaking: so i won't encode this.
Does it look like this on your hard drive before you upload, or is it a problem with youtube?
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It's like that on my hard drive. it happens with all codecs when using Gens. Oddly, Gens was working fine until now. All other emulators work fine (snes9x, psxjin, etc)
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I can dump fine with Gens11svn296. EDIT: I can upload a YT version, but it'll take at least 2 hours and won't have a logo.
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Didn't really expect this to get submitted so I didn't pay as much attention to the forum thread about it as I would otherwise. The goal is ok I guess, with the main motivation to show off as much as possible of the levels. I would've preferred if you'd played through all levels though, taking all reachable rings in the levels you skipped. And to be honest, I really think you should've spent more time learning about the basics in TASing this game by studying the published any% run on this site. To someone with experience in TASing Sonic games (like me), this looks more like a test run than a final one. The movement precision gets better the further into the run you get which isn't really what should be the case with a TAS, everything should be of the best quality you can accomplish. I think that if you gave this another go you could improve this run by at least one minute. Some of the things to improve:
    As you obviously already know, in the beginning of the run you use a very inefficient way of breaking before doing a spin-dash. Later on you learn a better technique (on flat ground) but still lose 2 frames every for each break compared to the optimal way (check the published any% run for guidance). Optimize boss battles. I didn't pay full attention to all of them but there's no reason to lose any time on the bosses in CP2 and HT2 like you did. Make sure that all areas that are directly comparable between this and the any% are at least as fast as in the any%. The most obvious loss here is DEZ which plays under the same rules in both runs, yet you lose 29 frames (the correct time is 0:41::14). Better movement precision in general. Take the any% as reference and pratice until you can play as good as that and then apply that knowledge into all the situations you'll encounter when making your TAS. You don't have to start from inventing the wheel in a game that's already been taken way past the renaissance era. Use more spin-dashes, I can give examples if you like.
If your only reason to not do all this is that you don't have the time right now, wait until you have the time and continue then. Some runs on the site were done over a couple of years where the authors took many (and long) breaks instead of rushing with it, to make sure the will be of the best quality they can achieve. I don't say that I want you to cancel this submission, but I really hope you'll improve it whenever you can.
feos wrote:
Only Aglar can improve this now.
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Enthusiastic Yes vote, although I would argue that a run which collects as many rings as possible in the levels where you CAN'T get the Perfect Bonus should obsolete this if it's published.
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Meh. Sorry. I agree with mr Aglar's comment completely, but I also think that you could let someone help you with your run if you don't have enough time.
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Post subject: perfect bonus: youtube
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Link to video gens b works
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Woot! Glad to see this one on the Bench. Yes!
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Publication quality encodes available upon request. (Dumped with svn296, haven't been having any problems with it here...)
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Going to have to vote no on this one. I'm not a fan of the goal personally, but even so, I think it could be a cool goal on this site. However, you made it a point not to get the 10 ring monitors and even skipped some stages. If you couldn't reach some areas, since you were using level select, you might as well use debug to reach those few unreachable ones, or just went about it normally and ignored the unreachable ones. And about the 10 ring monitors, if the goal is ring attack, it kind of defeats the point of the goal to ignore those. Also, the overall execution of the TAS was pretty sloppy.
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Heh oh wow, I got credit for support, I wasn't aware I did it much but I'm glad the incidental motivation helped! :D Glad you managed to finally submit this and here's hoping that one day some new glitch would be revealed so that Perfect Ring can be obtained on those few skipped levels. Yes vote but almost a meh , I have to admit, sometimes I don't get the backtracking but I'm too used to Sonic SPEEDRUNS not Sonic Ringruns. So once I get that in my mind I can enjoy it for a Speed-ringrun.. if that makes sense.
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