(Link to video)
Video: glN64 v0.4.1 (this is usually the worst plugin for anything ever, but it's actually the best for this game). Jabo 1.5.2 also works (1.6 has serious problems).
Input: TAS Input Plugin 0.6 (IMPORTANT!!! Make sure mempack is checked in the settings) You also have to delete "SCOOBY-DOO (unknown rom).mpk" from your Mupen64 "save" folder before playing back the movie in order to get it to sync.
Sound: Jabo's DirectSound 1.6
RSP: RSP emulation Plugin

About the Run

I started working on this run after I played through the game on netplay with my friend aleckermit. Although the game is very linear, we thought it had some TASing potential, mostly because of how terrible the controls are. They work in almost a pseudo Resident Evil way - as long as you keep the stick anywhere which isn't neutral, then you have to adjust the stick as if it's in Shaggy's point of view in order for him to turn. This is reset when the stick is neutral, and makes the game incredibly frustrating to play in real time, which is why I think anyone who has played this game will appreciate how smooth the movement in this TAS is.

Techniques Seen in the Run


Thanks to the really fast saving/loading in this game, savewarps can be used to quickly put Shaggy back at the entrance of areas. This saves a lot of time in a lot of places.

Item Equipping

After a savewarp, the position of the cursor on the item screen goes back to the far left or right. By equipping items before savewarps, we can skip a lot of rotations in the item menu. This was carefully planned out for every item obtained in the run.


Scooby is normally a massive troll who just gets in the way (but can be manipulated by making Shaggy run in the "wrong" direction for a few frames), but sometimes he can actually give a slight boost if he runs against you properly. It's rare, and most of the time he's just a troll.

Level-by-Level Information

Episode 1

- The headdress inside the museum is totally skipped. Its purpose in the game is to disguise Shaggy and Scooby on a wall near the Black Knight when he comes out of his coffin, but if you're fast enough, you can actually reach Velma's glasses before he has a chance to catch you.
- There are a few points where I wait in place on the way to the lamp. This is because of set enemy positions in this room. There are various other rooms in the game like this too.
- Thanks to a weird glitch, we can reach Velma's loading zone by running into a corner in the first part of the Prehistoric Wing which lines up with the corner she's in at the other side of the wing. There are no other things like this in the game.

Episode 2

- It's possible to grab the firewood and save the game before the Snow Ghost cutscene, but doing this just puts Shaggy at the start of that cutscene after reloading the game, so the cutscene has to be skipped before the save.
- The logs in the shed cannot be manipulated. They're navigated in the quickest way possible. As far as I can tell, it's not possible to get past the final log on an earlier cycle.
- The coal from the fireplace is skipped. This is a disguise item (I don't know) and isn't required.
- The slow and terrible skiing minigame is required to end the level. By altering Shaggy's position at the end of it, I manipulate a crucial timesaver in level 3.

Episode 3

- The palm leaf is completely skipped. This is supposed to be a disguise item to help Shaggy hide from the Tiki at some point, but it seems completely optional.
- The statues in the large open area can have various combinations required to open the gate. The parrot in the lounge actually tells you this order when you give him a cracker. Of course, there's no need for that in a TAS. There are 3 possible combinations, and the one with the least rotations is manipulated to happen.

Episode 4

- The fish boards are placed on the wall in a way which minimises the number of turns taken to equip them all.
- It is possible to skip the music box, but it isn't faster to do so, as it requires taking a lot of damage and doing a S&Q to avoid dying in the room with the tentacle monster.
- Taking damage from the Ghoul King is mandatory when he's chasing you in the cave. There just isn't enough space to run past him.
- Taking damage from the gear on the way to Velma allows Shaggy to run through it which saves a long walk around the area.
- Damage is again required on the gear just before Velma. This can be avoided, but the gear has to be in a very specific position just when Shaggy reaches it, and sadly, this can't be manipulated and waiting for it was slower than just taking damage.
- By walking through some of the side doors in the corridor with lots of passages, various stretches of land are skipped, which means we can get around this area very quickly. Whenever the Ghoul King is chasing Shaggy in this room, a cutscene starts when you enter a side door which makes it slower to do it then (even if the cutscenes are skipped).

With thanks to...

- aleckermit, for encouraging me to do the run, helping me test a lot of things in the game, and regularly monitoring my progress, offering advice and improvements, and showing strong support from the start.
- AniMeowzerz, for helping to plan out the third and fourth levels (the fourth was a real nightmare), checking my WIPs for improvements, and being supportive.

Nahoc: Claimed for judging.
Nahoc: Scooby-doo-bi-doo, where are you? Oh, almost forgot; accepting for publication.

Guga: We meet again, Mupen64...

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Lol i remember the epic trolling of Scoobz. Great tas =)
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YES VOTE SUPER EPIC (Not encoding this run for everyone, bloody emulator is evil on me atm)
WebNations/Sabih wrote:
+fsvgm777 never censoring anything.
Disables Comments and Ratings for the YouTube account. These colours are pretty neato, and also these.
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Definite yes from me of course. A lot of thought, planning, testing, and research went into this run (way more than the average person would expect for a game as unpopular as this lol). There aren't a lot of glitches in the run per se, but there are tons of tiny optimizations such as collecting items in a certain order and skipping items that aren't required (figuring out which items/triggers absolutely weren't needed actually took a lot of testing). You can also save time by equipping items at a certain place, manipulating Scooby to push you, and manipulating the RNG for a one of the puzzles. This TAS is perfection, unless more tricks are found.
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Tentacles? I see where this is going... On-topic: I believe that this TAS is pretty boring (I've never played this game before). The only entertaining part was when you dodged saws and shit. I vote MEH.
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Yeah really do need to have played this game to fully enjoy this TAS for sure. I rented it as a kid and could never pass level 1. The real-time controls are really annoying. Whether you like the TAS or not, it was perfectly made/researched. The few & proud folks that have played Scooby 64 will enjoy this run.
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So, how is the encode going?
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henke37 wrote:
So, how is the encode going?
Hope someone is working on it. Really want to watch this. Edit: Was gonna try to do a quick (crudely) done encode but I can't even get mupen to play the file. More Edit: Now I can't get it to sync. So bad at this lol
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Hey, good run, lots of fun to watch, and some tricks I didn't know about, but there are some tricks you didn't utilize, too, that I figured I should tell you about. If you use controls setup B, where you control Shaggy with the D pad (it's actually far superior for RTA runs, because the camera doesn't fuck your controls up so bad), and hold forward, and very fast afterwards press and hold a direction (it might be one frame, but idk the timing is pretty loose on console), Shaggy does a "doopwalk" where he walks forward while turning. For one, it's hilarious looking, and it's useful for RTA runs, but also it appears to make Scoobyboosting more effective. It was actually from doopwalking that I discovered Scoobyboosting, because it makes you go so much faster, for such a long period of time. It's funny that you discovered the same trick through different methods, and named it the same thing. Anyways, it's funny that you uploaded this, because it was actually the first TAS I was intending to do. I really enjoyed your run, and I hope this helps c:
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only this game's players can truly appreciate it.
TAS i'm interested: megaman series: mmbn1 all chips, mmx3 any% psx glitched fighting games with speed goals in general
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I haven't played this game, but I found this pretty entertaining. It's like the Resident Evil TASes (haven't played those games either), only with some annoying constantly changing camera angles. The graphics look really good for an N64 game, and maybe that's part of what kept me interested. It's also clear by the way you avoid enemies like the Black Knight and the Tiki that it's tool-assisted and optimized for that matter. This has already been accepted, but yes vote anyway.
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [2052] N64 Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers by SwordlessLink in 24:25.30
Post subject: Unplayable movie!
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What kind of crap encoding uses more delta frames than keyframes or P-frames in this movie? Whatever it is, mplayer-hc x64 is dropping too many frames and skipping too much of this movie! Whatever algorithm you're using to cut down on size on non-animated portions of gameplay when encoding, make sure it registers luminace properly, because "dark" scenes will only make things worse!
Post subject: Why do you shout?
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I don't know what in the christ are you talking about. Please, make sure you have the latest version of the codecs. And last thing, read the title of this post.
Post subject: Re: Unplayable movie!
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GuidMorrow wrote:
What kind of crap encoding uses more delta frames than keyframes or P-frames in this movie? Whatever it is, mplayer-hc x64 is dropping too many frames and skipping too much of this movie!
"Delta frame" in common usage means "P-frame". So uhh, what?
GuidMorrow wrote:
Whatever algorithm you're using to cut down on size on non-animated portions of gameplay when encoding, make sure it registers luminace properly, because "dark" scenes will only make things worse!
I'm not exactly following you here, but I have a good guess, as it's something that's appeared on doom9 many times: If you think an encoded video looks bad, especially with respect to detail and artifacts in low light areas, the most likely culprit is your own output and display color/gamma being off. Various "vivid" and "enhance" modes (more common on televisions), as well as bad brightness/contrast settings, can make certain encoding artifacts look much more visible than they actually are.
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Also, the dropped frames don't happen here using Haali Media Splitter, LAV Video Decoder, and madVR in MPC-HC as my decoding chain. What's your decoding chain like? If it's all MPC-HC internal filters, perhaps we can use this video as a test case for MPC-HC devs to improve their internal filters.