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Whew! Finally, here's my Gremlins 2 timeattack. Gremlins 2 is a top-down action game that is very difficult, and it features some nice music.
I disliked the excessive jumping in the previous movie, so I tried to jump as little as possible in this run. This way, you can enjoy the music of the game.
I used FCEU because I hate Famtasia, and I really love the single-frame advancement of FCEU. You might notice the extreme amount of "twitching", this is because almost the whole movie was done frame-by-frame (yeah, suicide, isn't it?), and it doesn't slow it down. I know some people find this annoying, but meh, it's fun. :)
This timeattack is 33 seconds faster than the previous version, due to various optimizations in many places, sometimes involving taking damage.
The "p" item I buy in the store is a weapon upgrade; the bosses can be killed MUCH faster with it than without. This is also why I have to collect those three crystal balls.
Aims for fastest possible time, takes damage to save time, falls into a pit once to save time. No passwords or warps (there are no warps). I would have abused some programming errors, but I don't know of any. :)

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Excellent work. I found the twitching a tad annoying, but better than the jumping in the last movie. *gives thumbs-up sign* -Josh
but then you take my 75 perchance chance of winning, if we was to go one-on-one, and then add 66 and two-thirds ch...percents...i got a 141 and two-thirds chance of winning at sacrifice
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Yes, certainly the smaller one of those two evils...
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [225] NES Gremlins 2: The New Batch by Blublu in 07:22.42
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