This game clones megaman with girls, I did a tas of this game with Spiritia before, visit #3496: Bernka's Windows Rosenkreuzstilette "Spiritia" in 27:58.25 for more info.
The run use Grolla, who is more like megaman Zero, and the more is while her HP down to half and lower, she can use more powerful charging sword.
Config file: (Notice to back up your config.dat)

Game Objectives

  • Game version: v1.05c
  • Tool used: hourglass-r81
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Plays as hidden character Grolla
  • Uses no password and no in-game code

About this run

This run play in 25:51, with the hidden character Grolla. Type ←→RL to switch Grolla mode.
The 8 bosses order is freewill, because Grolla can’t get any items form them.

Useful value

  • Boss HP:28
  • Boss invulnerability:59 frames
  • 1st/2nd slash:3
  • 3rd slash:4
  • Dash slash:3
  • Charging sword (up to half HP) :3
  • Charging sword (down to half HP):4
For Spiritia, each hit wounds +2.
For the final boss, while up to half HP, each hit wounds -1, while down to half, each wounds -2.
And the final boss fight, if you hurt her and let her HP down to half, she wounds as while her HP up to half before she disappear.

Improvable points

  • Don’t jump too much, every jump may slow down by 2 frames.
  • Each hit will give boss invulnerability, so use more powerful slash as each hit is the first choice. Reduce one hit may save 59 frames at most.
  • At the end of the 8 boss fight, use ground slash at the right time, stop to jump and save a few time.
  • You can dash on a ladder, but no rising.

In-game clear time:

That’s all.

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The youtube video on the description is no longer available, and should be replaced by the official encode.