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Hudson's Adventure Island 3 TAS "All Bosses" in 0:24:02:08 by McBobX


  • Aims for fastest time possible
  • Luck Manipulation
  • Programing errors abused
  • No death
  • Use Stages Skips(exept boss skips)

General Comment about the run

This is a new category for this game "All Bosses" which I must clear the game but without any boss skip. For beating the bosses,I need same dinosaurs such as blue dinosaur,the preferabl for beating the boss,it lunch bullets can kill the boss quickly and the green dinosaur,I am just use it for the first boss because I don't have the previous dinosaur yet,and the last is purple animal,I use it only on crocodile boss

Author's encode

Nach: Some of this run look a bit sloppy, and the author has vanished. Canceling for the time being. If the author returns and wants to defend his decisions, he can uncancel.

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This was a pretty good run! It's definitely a lot faster than Sami's last run for this category. However, I have three questions before I vote. 1) Why are there so many missed attacks? 2) I notice that you take damage fighting the bone boss, but then you lose a lot of time dodging the crab boss's chain in the next stage. Would it be faster to instead take damage with the crab boss? 3) There's one stage where you find a secret power-up area very close to the stage's exit. It looks like the time waiting for the secret area is longer than the time needed to finish the stage. Why do you go there?
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^ same thoughts of me
Jungon wrote:
if I was to have a Tool-Assisted real life ... I'd.. I could abuse death, just to see if it saves time ..
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I'd really like to have the above questions answered McBobX, thanks. Also, can more people comment what they think about this branch?
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