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With two days until the release of the remastered version of this game, you can prepare for it by watching this remastered TAS of the game!
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Manipulates luck
  • Abuses progamming errors
  • Plays at hardest difficulty
MESHUGGAH's comments
Thanks to Pasky13's HUD lua script, feos' DT2 lua script and helping with DT1 and Aglar for being much more precise than me, we implemented more time savings into a proper "difficult" run (unlike any other published ones IIRC).
We traded lag frames, removed lag frames, made better jumps to fall down faster or reach places earlier and manipulated bosses to be fast and close to us as much as possible.
It was a pleasure to work with Aglar. He is a good TASer. That's all, see you until my next TAS =)
Aglar's comments
Got interested in joining after playing a little with the early parts of the game and found out that there might be more things to improve than I earlier thought. And even if it's not a big improvement timewise it still contains quite some different maneuvers throughout the run.
MESHUGGAH did a good job finding some stuff that I had overlooked earlier, which was what made me interested in trying this game again. I think we complmented each other really well with my old school and his modern way of TASing.
One new observation we made was that this game has enemy subpixel carryovers. This means that when an enemy in a certain memory location leaves the screen, its subpixels remains and are taken over by the next enemy that spawns in that memory location.
Also, this time around we learnt that each level can only be completed every other ingame frame. If lag had occured earlier in the level we could abuse this by waiting 1 frame at the laggy area to remove the lag frame and thus advence the ingame counter in order to always sure that the level is completed at a "good" frame.


LevelFrames savedTotal frames saved
The Amazon1212
Transylvania revisit119
African Mines322
The Himalayas1032
The Moon234
Transylvania revisit 2135

The Amazon

Most time was saved was saved by taking the lower route under the first snake to grab the vine and grabbing one additional vine at the next vine section. The rest was saved by reducing lag and better vertical management in the room before the boss.


Better vertical subpixel management when jumping up the first rope. Some lag reduction and having the last ghost move in a better pattern. The boss was hit eartlier by making it start with a lower horizontal subpixel value.

Transylvania revisit

When jumping up to the mirror you can be one pixel closer to the left wall by not hold left until you've reached the height required to go past it.

African Mines

Used the same trick as in the previous level when going down the pit after the big treasure chest. The boss was manipulated to have better starting subpixels to save another frame.

The Himalayas

Better lag reduction at the first goat, then gained more vertical speed when going down the pit to cave by jumping on a goat. The rest was saved by walking on the last iceblock in the long horizontal cave room.

The Moon

Took damage on the moving platform in a different way.

Transylvania revisit 2

Same vertical subpixel management in the first room as last time.

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: Accepting as an improvement to the published movie.
Ilari: Let's see...

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #4042: Aglar, MESHUGGAH's NES Duck Tales in 07:04.73
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Luckily I kep the rom and watched it , epic run, YES vote :P
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Encode requested.
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Yes vote. Woo hoo!
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Amazing job, guys. Yes vote.
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I cannot vote NO when something is made by MESHUGGAH (Check) I cannot vote NO when something is made by Aglar (Check) Well... No vote (obviously yes)
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MESHUGGAH = TASing robot of the year. Yes vote.
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no you should have waited til Tuesday for the ps3 remake release date rofl total yes vote here from me good job it just makes me more pumped up for the remake lol
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TASeditor wrote:
MESHUGGAH = TASing robot of the year. Yes vote.
Aglar bested me a lot of times during the WIPs, he actually improved all of the levels with at least 1 frame.
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Not enough of the Moon theme song in the run = No vote. That and you keep picking up these things that give you $1 Mil which just makes the end-stage money counting longer. It'd be faster if you just left them behind. JK!
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DMTM stated that the endign of the first boss fight could be improved... Don't know what he meant and he didn't explain or show a video. Just felt like noting it here. Also: Great run you runs =)!
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [2441] NES DuckTales by Aglar & MESHUGGAH in 07:04.73
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The publication page says that this is a 0.58s improvement, but the time difference (7:06.02 vs 7:04.73) is actually 1.29s. I get that the first number is pulled from the frame improvement (assuming this game runs at 60fps), but there is still a disparity. Am I misreading something?
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Zurreco wrote:
The publication page says that this is a 0.58s improvement, but the time difference (7:06.02 vs 7:04.73) is actually 1.29s. I get that the first number is pulled from the frame improvement (assuming this game runs at 60fps), but there is still a disparity. Am I misreading something?
The old run was made in FCEU which runs at 60fps while the new one was made in FCEUX which runs at the more accurate ~60.01fps.
feos wrote:
Only Aglar can improve this now.
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So it is a 0.58s improvement frame wise, but it is a 1.29s improvement real time wise? Why wouldn't you defer to the latter metric and make note of the emulation change? Are we using this 60.01 fps model for all runs that are emulated correctly?
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Really an interesting movie!
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