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I just discovered Bingo. I think it's a very cool concept. Here is the bingos of speedruns live Ocarina of time http://www.speedrunslive.com/tools/oot-bingo Majora mask: http://www.speedrunslive.com/tools/mm-bingo Super metroid: http://www.speedrunslive.com/tools/supermetroid-bingo/ Castlevania: Symphony of the night http://www.speedrunslive.com/tools/sotn-bingo Super mario 64 http://www.speedrunslive.com/tools/sm64-bingo Super mario world http://www.speedrunslive.com/tools/smw-bingo Pokemon Red and blue http://www.speedrunslive.com/tools/redblue-bingo Pokemon Crystal http://www.speedrunslive.com/tools/crystal-bingo At other places, I found: Dark soul http://herpderp.com/bingo.html Super mario sunshine: http://nkiller.webs.com/bingo/sms/v1 http://nkiller.webs.com/bingo/sms/v1new/ Wind waker: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/197370515/tww/b.html Donkey Kong 64 http://dkspeedruns.com/DK64/Bingo/Bingo.html Paper mario: http://ninjacatsband.webs.com/bingo/index.html Minecraft http://engin33r.net/bingo/ Metroid Prime: http://esi.homelinux.org/mpbingov2/bingo.htm?seed=256110 Jet force gemini http://jfgbingo.net46.net/ Similar to the bingo: Binding of Isaac: http://hyphen-ated.github.io/isaacBingo/? Dark souls https://dksmarathon-goodoldmalk.rhcloud.com I think the two Banjos could be a very good bingo game. I dislike the bingo of super mario 64 and super mario world since you have to beat bowser anyway. Ocarina of time is hard todo because of the door of time skip. I think majora mask should have more objectives. Any thought? PS: If you know some links to other other bingo card for games that aren't listed here, can you post it here please? EDIT: Some links added: Paper Mario, Wind Waker and Dark soul EDIT2: Added Donkey Kong 64, Dark soul EDIT3: Added Gemini jet force, Binding of Isaac EDIT4: Added Metroid Prime