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I believe some older arcade games are good choices to TAS. Donkey Kong/ Crazy Kong. these games have an annoying amount of randomness that it would be entertaining to manipulate away on the quest to the kill screen on LVL 22. Also you could try to smash score attack records. :) Sega Tetris. (use the bootleg rom because it lets you reset faster to change the randomizer) what's the ideal piece sequence to max out the game asap? :) You can select it pretty fast.... Bloxeed. Luck manipulation and frame perfect gameplay can go a long way here. Will be a fast and furious TAS. Tower of Druaga. Just what is truly required to beat it under TAS conditions? Pac Man. can tas precision improve significantly on good humanly possible patterns? If so it might be fun to watch. Battle Garegga. you can jack the difficulty to an INSANE level in this game through you own input. Do that, then still beat it. ;) would be fun to watch. Joust. the person WITH the pterodactyl bug fixed. how fast can you max the score counter? Try to abuse the pterodactyls after the bug letting you cheat with them was fixed. :) Double Dragon: How well can you manage LAG? :)
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Location: RU · ID I would love to see a tool-assisted speedrun of this
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fatal fury 1 and fatal fury 3(this game has many infinite combo characters),if the emulator could stop doing guru meditations and runtime errors at loading and frame advancing,i'd do it myself.
TAS i'm interested: megaman series: mmbn1 100% mmx3 any% psx glitched, mmx command mission pokemon XD fighting games with speed goals in general
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Spy Hunter, please. I cannot even this game and I want to see what happens after the first 30 seconds of play :(
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-Neo Bomberman - Normal Mode/Battle Mode -Crossed Swords -Sengoku -Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder -Super Dodge Ball -NAM-1975 -Viewpoint,definitely what I want most.
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Red Earth
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DrD2k9 wrote:
Done: Tutankham
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Still waiting on bloxeed. here's a decent RTA superplay to give you an idea on what tricks you need to max it out. The slow play speed for much of the tas before level 15 is to manipulate the powerups, which are different depending on which pieces get them. It's clearly improvable under TAS conditions (get more flickys, get more bravos at 10x points), and can probably be maxed out sub 10 minutes. i recommend using the japanese rom though, because it allows every frame autofire by alternating two rotation buttons, as opposed to that version, which only provides 1 button, allowing firing every other frame.
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Metal Slug 6 is Atomiswave, instead of Neo Geo.
I like Doraemon
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Recently there's been a lot of competitive play on the arcade version of Street Fighter: The Movie game. There's been so much wacky tech found for that game that it'd be interesting to see what playaround tech can be done. As much as I'd want to try it myself I'm not versed in either comedy or actually playing fighting games. Here's some of the amusing tech seen in a recent tournament:
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Haunted Castle - brutally hard Castlevania game. Would love to see it TAS'd Heated Barrel - sidescrolling shooter. Realky underrated in my opinion. Only bad point is the horrible depiction of Native Americans
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enderpal7 wrote:
Haunted Castle - brutally hard Castlevania game. Would love to see it TAS'd
Link to video