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This is a All Perfect run of Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers of Ryu It features my own way of playing as Ryu I hope you Enjoy!
-All Perfect
-Hardest Difficulty
-Played as Ryu
I made this run because I know this is entertaining & fun as Ryu.

Nach: This run lacks finesse. As mentioned in other runs you previously submitted, you need to choose your moves more carefully. A Shoryuken using the strongest punch when the opponent has barely any energy left is slow for no reason. A weaker Shoryuken would get the same job done, and would be quick about it. Further, throws are a good way for a lot of damage for comparatively little time used, yet is underused in this run. This game allows for combos which is not used. See [422] SNES Super Street Fighter II "Ken" by Saturn in 11:32.43 which contains some entertainment trade-offs but is way faster with a similar character thanks to good combo use.
Since this is yet another submission without proper thought put into it, and ignores feedback provided to you in other runs which is also applicable here, I'm canceling it immediately. If you make another submission like this without responding to feedback or taking it into account, we are going to remove your submission privileges. Please make use of user files for runs like this. See my previous rejections for more information.

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No. Okay waiting for last one now. To Quote myself from earlier:
Spikestuff wrote:
Due to my limited knowledge of Mortal Kombat. ARE You certain you have the fastest character? "Flawless Run" is quite annoying branch to see because without it you can get a much faster run done. I'm going to bring Tekken 2 up as an example due to my limits. These 3 Tekken 2 runs were done on Hard Mode. First time it was LAW with a time of: 3:38.5 (In-game time: 1'43"81) Another run was made with KING time of: 3:19.92 (In-game time: 1'25"93)[/size] Then I came along with a YOSHIMITSU run which was a time of: 2:36:27 (In-game time: 50"28) - Which is not submitted due to how un-optimized it is.[/size] So I'm going to write this again are you 100% sure you have the fastest character due to the words you wrote "Fast Pace"?
That answer is NO: Link to video
WebNations/Sabih wrote:
+fsvgm777 never censoring anything.
Disables Comments and Ratings for the YouTube account. These colours are pretty neato, and also these.
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2Is1hgc5Ak Just in case there was even the slightest margin of a doubt that this one was as substandard as all the rest of his submissions for the last week.
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omg, it came... nothing to say :(
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This isn't that impressive. 2 in 1 combos are so easy to do. It just looks like a regular player who just got lucky playing against someone who doesn't know what they are doing. No Vote
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om, nom, nom... sweet!
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Along with the problems with the run itself, TASes on snes9x v1.43 aren't accepted here anymore unless they've been granted a continuance (which this run hasn't).
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CoolKirby wrote:
Along with the problems with the run itself, TASes on snes9x v1.43 aren't accepted here anymore unless they've been granted a continuance (which this run hasn't).
Strangely the "Emulator" field in the submission says "Emulator: snes9x-1.51-rerecording-v18-win32", even though the submission text says "snes9x-1.43-rerecording-v18-win32". Don't ask me what that means. Also, Snes9x 1.43 files are unsubmittable (as in, you can't even submit them).
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does this guy get a some kind of penalty for all this lame submissions or it's ok to send a lot of them?
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