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  • Ends input early
  • Drives fast
This is an improvement of 303 frames from my last movie. The improvements come from better route planning and ending input early.
Screen 1 is probably completely optimized, unless someone finds a bug. But, I found better routes to squeeze 109 frames out of screen 2, then 54 in screen 3, a nice 3 in screen 4, and finally 137 in screen 5. Screen 2's save was from the fact that I found that when I would want to change lanes to lessen the distance I needed to travel to get somewhere, it would save something around 30 frames to take the long way around as it takes THAT long to change lanes.
But, my first obsoletion. Ladies :3~
EDIT: Improvements found.

Noxxa: Judging.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #4277: yep2yel's A2600 Dodge 'em in 00:59.16
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