Post subject: A funny group racing/speedrunning classic Mega Man!
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Hey, We don't do TAS, but we have something else that might interest you. Seeing as this is a NON-TAS forum, we wrote here. We are a group doing a Mega Man challenge together with No Miss, Buster Only & Perfect on the classic Mega Man games on the NES. Yes, you heard right. We’ve been at this since 2010. Our individual challenges brought us together so we created our own YouTube channel to celebrate it and ended up racing and 'speedrunning' the games. In “snupsters race Mega Man”, we race the classic Mega Man games with these rules: - Buster only through the robot master stages - No glitches - No clipping - Perfect runs with no miss/damage, buster only net racers steal points We are by no means professionals in speedrunning as we are mostly racing each other, but they qualify as speedruns with our set rules. Our Season 2 times are (keep our rules in mind): Mega Man 1: 00:29:07 by Nico Thulin Mega Man 2: 00:44:37 by Fellon250 with 2 perfects (no miss, buster only, perfect) Mega Man 3: 00:48:14 by shikaroxen Mega Man 4: 00:48:00 by Nico Thulin with 2 perfects (no miss, buster only, perfect) Mega Man 4: 00:46:39 by Nico Thulin without perfects. If you want to challenge us, be in contact and maybe we can set something up. Should you want to watch these races, head to Sincerely, The snupsters
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This looks like fun. Maybe you could try out techniques from TAS, assuming you don't already have your optimal routes. You could also apply as professional speed runners if you got the World Records with those specific rules. Good luck! Subscribed.
Thank you and have a nice week! :)