Mhm. Someone finally TASed this piece of lard.
But anyway, it's pretty straight forward. First of all, all of the jumping is courtesy of thommy3 for finding the x-speed address (005E), and finding that regular rolling speed is 42, but in the air it fluctuates. He speculated that maximizing air time would be fastest, but I found that you gain a pixel or so by jumping again instead staying in the air, so I'd guess that it saves about a frame. The jumping looks clunky because the game doesn't even register that you've jumped until you've held the A button for 4 freaking frames, and you can only start jumping (at least again) the frame after you've begun your rolling animation. So that's 5 frames per jump on the ground.
The suburb and subway levels were all straight forward and simple. There might be some single frame optimization with pressing up to go through the door, but unless a new mechanic is found, that's probably all there is to it.
The sewer levels, however, gave me the biggest headache. It's easy to clip your head on the squares protruding out of the ceiling, and the platforms are spaced far enough that you need a high jump. So, I had to balance my jumps to get to the appropriate platform without clipping the ceiling or another platform. Because of all of this, sometimes I do wait to jump; this really can't be avoided if the aim is to jump (some enemies force this too).
There is one spot in level 9 where I slow down to grab a ledge. This is because the platforms are spaced so far apart that even at the last spot where I can jump, even the highest jump doesn't get me there, and my speed is massive, so I needed to press left for 10 frames to be able to grab the ledge on the ground.
But, all in all, for a "bad" game, it was a fun TAS, and as my first non-Atari TAS, I'll probably learn from it.

Noxxa: Added YouTube module.
Noxxa: Although the run is poorly received in entertainment value, the game looks up to standard for unlicensed games. Accepting for the Vault.
feos: Okay then.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #4669: yep2yel's NES Wally Bear and the NO! Gang in 06:23.25
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Thanks for the temp encode. Good job optimizing the run, but man is the music annoying. Only the sewer levels looked like they really offered any redeeming gameplay challenge, apart from fake difficulty brought on by bad controls. The damage boost into one door looked sort of interesting too. However, my vote belongs in Wally's gang.
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I think I saw this game on an episode of Jontron.
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Meh. Relevant AVGN episode: Link to video
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Terrible game by the Moral Guardians, uninteresting TAS (I'm sorry). No vote, just put this thing in the vault!
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TASeditor and the NO! Vote This game just feels to repetive to be entertaining.
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Does killing off the enemies reduce lag frames? Maybe you should collect a weapon.
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I really want to see drunk speedruns of this just for irony's sake. Anyway, I voted meh. Is it a good game choice? No, not at all. But is it a bad TAS objectively? No, not necessarily. If I may make a suggestion, since most of the time you're just jumping is there anyway to shoot in sync with the music or something? You could go for the "this game is so easy the protagonist is just playing around" motif to make things a little more interesting. It might also make Dwedit's idea more viable since I did notice some lag in one of the stages.
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seems well done,yes vote
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RunJump to the right FTW!
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [2831] NES Wally Bear and the NO! Gang by yep2yel in 06:23.25