Post subject: Minna de Tamagotchi World [みんなでたまごっちワールド!!]
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What's this?! ANOTHER Tamagotchi game? This time on N64, my first ever console that I learned to play by myself?! (First of all, I realize that nowadays, Tamagotchi is more a female thing, but the only reason I fanboy over it is because I'm a 90's kid and I grew up with these things. I've actually been a Gotchi fan for quite a while. Anyway.) NOT MY VIDEO DON'T KILL ME! So after Bandai blessed the world with the gift of adorable little keychain pets that grow up to be 30, apparently it gained huge success not only in America but Japan as well, spawning a slew of video games including the GBC game I grew up with, the N64 game you see here, and when Tamagotchi Connexion came around it spawned three DS games, a few 3DS games and a Wii game called Tamagotchi PARTY ON! [which I'm assuming is called Minna de Tamagotchi World 2 or something in Japan, I'm not sure.] Looks pretty interesting, eh? How it works is, four players take turns competing to see who can raise their Tamagotchi better. During each player's turn, their Tama can act just like they do as keychain pets, getting hungry/full, happy/sad/mad, wanting attention, and yes, dying eventually. If your pet dies, you're out of the game. Last one standing wins! (Oh, and they talk in this game, which I think is pretty neat.) これ は 私 の 渡さ れ た たまごっち 、バフィー の メモリ に 特 化 し た !
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Tamagotchi 64, raised an Tamagotchis in each of the four people, it is one of the board game that aims to clear arrival (when the fourth form eyes makeover power became full tank). In addition, the content itself of is similar to the latter corresponding to Mario Party of this game, there is a part that element is stripped-down (For examples: And the board map there is only one type, and the like can not speed setting or interruption save). When the number of participants more than two human beings, in other modes respectively, are also corresponds to one controller mode, it would be enough in one controller mode in order to reduce the complex task due to the replacement of the controllers in the TAS. Unfortunately, the results that I was operating the Tamagotchi 64 on BizHawk, graphics badly a mess, emulate of accuracy is also inaccurate... :( Computer has a different strength by characters: Old: Lv. 6: Mame tchi Lv. 5: Ginsiro tchi Lv. 4: Mask tchi Lv. 3: Kutipa tchi Lv. 2: Nyoro (Snake?) tchi Lv. 1: Tarako tchi New: Lv. 7: Mimi tchi Lv. 6: Nya (Cat) tchi Lv. 5: Poti tchi Lv. 4: Zuki tchi Lv. 3: Hasizo tchi Lv. 2: Kusa tchi Lv. 1: Tako tchi Eggs, there are three kinds of different patterns and contents. Square pattern: Old Tamagotchi = e.g. Baby -> Circle -> Tama -> Ginsiro... Plain: New Tamagotchi = e.g. White Baby -> Tonmaru -> Tongari -> Hasizo... Others: Random In game, by that time has elapsed, the state of the behavior and Tamagotchi is a random number system that varies (For example, such as dice rolled numbers it is or to change). And, for different also action by the commands to be executed, it is important to run a commands, such as to favorable situation in a more fast for TAS. By the way, it corresponds to the cards, care command, like the familiar Tamagotchi.
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