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- Takes damage to save time
- As fast as possible
Thanks everyone

BoltR: Rejecting because a faster movie has been published.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #536: Neofix's NES Shadow of the Ninja in 12:50.63
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I had a hard time deciding on a vote for this. The reason is simple, this game has very limited movement, and is in my opinion not the most entertaining game around. Atleast the way you played it. its mostly jumpslash and get as close you can to enemy and kill him all the way along, without any real risky or breathtaking maneouvers. On the other hand, I do not see any obvious mistakes or ways to make things faster, so I'm giving you a Yes to Meh vote. Yes being what I vote.
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I stopeed watching it because I didn't enjoy the game, but it should be noted that a published movie of the European version has been published, and this movie is significantly faster.
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Jump + Atack = Increase velocity All the jumps i use atack to increase velocity. Sorry my poor english Look this movie: Neofix - 12:51 - 46.238 frames - USA version (Shadow of thw Ninja) Exim - 11:36 - 41.760 frames - Euro version (Blue Shadow) But the Nes videos Agent SAY "Blue Shadow time 13:55 by Exim". What is more faster? Bisquit?
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PAL = 50 frames pr second. NTSC = 60 frames pr second. 46238/60fps = 12:51 41760/50fps = 13:55
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I voted 'Meh' because the game has 2-player simultaneous play potential, and because a few parts looked improvable.
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It's an improved time of Blue Shadow. And improved time = Yes to me.