Post subject: Scooby-Doo 2
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About time I open this thread concerning my main project. I believe this game will produce a good TAS once completed. I'm not far in the game currently, but I've done some research/work. Firstly, I've found some addresses: I've had trouble finding some stuffs like some timer(I believe there is a timer for the ptera to come back after an attack for example, but had trouble finding something related to it). I've not found every enemies positions yet, but I've found some. As of important info. I noticed that jumping gives you an initial Y constant speed which nothing can be done for a certain amount of frames, then you can alter the Y speed variation so you can be in the air longer. And since being in the air is slower than running on floor, you need to be in the air less often. Running gives you a speed of 912. But after each time a jump is made, the max speed is dropped(Don't remember the exact value after one jump). You can regain the max speed by letting go 1 frame. But it could be not worth it. I haven't got around to test Stopping: Letting go one frame, then repressing the button avoids the braking motion and come to a complete stop. The games doesn't react to directional inputs pressed for one frame only. It needs to be at minimum two. Attacking in the air cancel the running. So you need to avoid it if possible/faster. As of movie, I don't have something worth showing. I'm at the second section(with the stairs and ladders). I've started TASing it, but bugs kept me from TASing it fully. Will work on it soon. I've noticed that jumping just before getting hit from certain damages sources gives a juge jumps boost. Might be useful. Might worth some investigation for some later levels. So nothing more than that for now.