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Well hey! aranDUMgametaser here with another hot hot movie improvement. This time around, I improve mmbossman's nearly 8 year old SM3 movie by 7109 frames via optimization, minor route changes, and better emulation resulting in faster strategies and a lot less lag.

General Run Whatever

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 1.11.6
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time


General Game Comments

Spider-Man 3 is an interesting enough game, especially considering its source material. It uses the same engine as Ultimate Spider-Man for the GBA, but luckily removes most of that game's padding.
Movement in this game is crazy fast thanks to a quirk in the game engine that lets Spidey preserve momentum if he does an aerial attack before hitting the ground. Combined with any form of web zip, and he can move at incredibly high speeds for long periods of time.

Level Comments

Search and Rescue

Minor timesaves on the walls thanks to climbing diagonally, and also at the very end where I kill the guy with the key in a different way.

Goblin Hunt

Time saved on Green Goblin by hitting him onto the truck so his death animation starts sooner.

Spidey Saves

Extreme optimization with the camera and wall climbs saves a few frames here.


Time lost to the second train, since in Bizhawk it's unavoidable.

The Dark Side

mmbossman optimized the heck out of this level, so it's generally the exact same.

Court Disorder

Optimized the heck out of the second section to hit the switches as quickly as possible, saving a half second or so.

Follow That Limo

Small bits of time getting enemy boosts and optimizing climbing. I saved about 100 frames on the limo section by killing enemies quickly enough that the limo doesn't lag.

Kingpin's Mansion

Small bits of time was saved getting the key quicker in the first section, and doing something completely different to hit the third and fourth cameras in the second section.

Totally Amped

Mild time saved on the route to getting the black suit. Saved about 4-5 seconds on Shocker by finding the quickest possible way to get him into the conductors.

Subway Rumble

Minor time saves hitting the bombs and switches faster, and by getting some enemy boosts.

Toxic Shock

Very minor timesave not getting stuck behind a box in the second section.

Bombs Away

Minor amounts of time saved reducing lag and optimizing climbs. Fun thing to note, you can end the first section by landing on the ceiling, which saves time.

Copter Chase

Saved time in the second section by getting my black suit meter up higher, which means I only needed to stop and hit one enemy instead of two at the end. The Bomber boss fight was optimized by reducing lag and getting him into positions to start his attacks sooner.

Sand Hassles

New route at the very end saves a few seconds by having Spidey bypass the trains via damage, at the cost of not having the black suit for the first two phases of the Sandman boss fight, which wastes about 15 frames. Still, about a second saved on the last phase by stopping Sandman from attacking.

Quick Sand

Large amount of minor time saves in the first two sections, including an enemy boost, added up to about two seconds. Venom was optimized by doing aerial kicks and uppercuts on him, which saved about 4 seconds in total. Additionally, I ended the Venom fight with him as close to the wall as possible, unlike the last TAS which required him to move all the way from the left side. This lets me knock him off the building as soon as its available.

Screenshot Suggestions

Frame 43341:
Frame 47304:
Frame 48872:

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: Swift run and a good improvement. Accepting as an improvement to the published movie.
Spikestuff: Publishing.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #5137: arandomgameTASer's GBA Spider-Man 3 in 13:44.01
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oh weee more spidey TASes from a aspideygameTASer, pretty good movie, yes vote!!!
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This TAS surprised me, I didn't expect this to be such a good game for an entertaining TAS. I guess you you can never judge a movie game based on the quality of the movie, I should have learned this from Star Wars Racer. Yes vote! Current project: Gex 3 any% Paused: Gex 64 any% There are no N64 emulators. Just SM64 emulators with hacky support for all the other games.
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Hey, Sonic, there is new SuperSpeedHero on GBA. Yes vote.
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"Never a dull moment..." indeed! Big yes vote from me. This was a really nice watch.
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This run was very entertaining, Yes Vote!!!
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Kurabupengin wrote:
Darn, I was about to make that joke... ;) That Spidey was definitely on... something right there. Yes vote.
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TASVideoAgent wrote:
  • Contains speed/entertainment tradeoffs
Elaborate? (This goes for anyone - if you're doing speed-entertainment tradeoffs, please list them in the description when submitting your run, so that judges can tell when something is a deliberate tradeoff and not just suboptimal gameplay. Any time I see this line without any specification, I will assume that it is just being used as an excuse for any sloppy gameplay). <dwangoAC> This is a TAS (...). Not suitable for all audiences. May cause undesirable side-effects. May contain emulator abuse. Emulator may be abusive. This product contains glitches known to the state of California to cause egg defects. <Masterjun> I'm just a guy arranging bits in a sequence which could potentially amuse other people looking at these bits <adelikat> In Oregon Trail, I sacrificed my own family to save time. In Star trek, I killed helpless comrades in escape pods to save time. Here, I kill my allies to save time. I think I need help.
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Whoops, that's mislabeled actually. I didn't do any speed/entertainment business. I'll edit that out.
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Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [3158] GBA Spider-Man 3 by arandomgameTASer in 13:44.01
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Shouldn't this get a lightning for notable improvement?
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Ready Steady Yeti wrote:
Shouldn't this get a lightning for notable improvement?
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Wow, I didn't see this when it was submitted/published, and I missed out! I haven't watched my movie in probably 4 years and I could still tell some of the spots of lag reduction and optimization, since I spent more time optimizing this game than any other TAS I created. Very good job, and a big thumbs up from me!
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