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Hi there! PICO-8 is a fantasy console for creating little games, and one of my favourite games, CELESTE, was made for it. The game was run at SGDQ 2016 (I'm the commentator in that video) and I recently completed a TAS of it: Link to video After some discussion with the folks in IRC it became clear that it probably wasn't going to be feasible to officially submit the movie to tasvideos, so I figured I'd post the video here for people's interest. If you're interested in playing the game you can do so here. Also happy to answer any questions anyone might have about the game or the TAS!Link to video
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How did you tas that?
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The game is open source and there's a way to get PICO-8 games to talk to external JavaScript, so I made some tools that could talk to a running instance of the game and control it with frame-by-frame and savestates and stuff. Then I just exported the inputs and made another version which just replayed them to capture the video. There isn't really a satisfactory emulator right now to do it "properly", unfortunately. Someone was working on one for a while but I don't think it's going anywhere right now.
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I don't know really how to start this so im just going to go from scratch the tool used to TAS celeste classic when the original post was made is severely outdated, and the tas video posted there is over 30 seconds slower than the current 100% tas. I would rather focus on any% as some limitations of the emulator used to tas CELESTE classic has some limitations which happen to apply to berries making desyncs happen sometimes, the issue is being worked on. anyway, the current any% tas can be found here: and the current tas tool and usage can be found here: tas files for individual levels as well as for the full game can be found on the tas database here: if you have any questions, join the celeste classic discord server at thanks!
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