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Caveman Games

This game is (I hope) meant to be a parody of Olympics style sports games. I believe I've also seen it called Caveman Ugh-Lympics before. As a parody it works okay.
Gameplay is similar to other games of the genre with either rapid button presses to go fast or build up power and then another press to do whatever activity.
The graphics of this game look like they were drawn by the cavemen involved in the game. Seriously. They look like an 8 year old drew them. While it looks like this is a bootleg or home-brew game, this was a game released by Electronic Arts and Data East.
This is simply a quick playaround of the various events in the game which also show off some goofy animations.


Clubbing - This event has two phases and is a competition of the best of 3 rounds.
  • Phase 1 - Intimidation Phase - Dance around to scare your opponent into moving backwards.
  • Phase 2 - Club your opponent to beat them up or push them off the edge of the cliff.
Mate Toss - Swing your mate ala Hammer Throw and chuck em across the landscape.
  • The funniest part of this event is the tossee's responses to the throws.
Dino Vault - Pole Vault over a dinosaur.
  • I offer two different style misses and one clearing of the dinosaur.
Dino Race - Race your dinosaur to the finish line.
  • Clubbing the dino's head results in a speed boost but can only be done a few times; the result of one too many knocks to its noggin can be seen at the end of the race.
  • Clubbing the dino's rear makes it jump. (Note: While in boost mode, the dino jumps automatically.)
Fire Start - Rub sticks together to get a spark onto your kindling and blow on the spark to ignite a fire.
  • It is possible to affect your opponents progress by beating them over the head. (Seen at the beginning of the second round.)
Saber Race - Run away from the Saber-toothed tiger to the safety of the tree. Throw your opponent under the bus back toward the big cat to gain an advantage.

TAS Notes

  • Most of the cavemen/women characters have two events in which they specialize and gain an advantage. This run was played with Vincent who is the only character who doesn't have an advantage in any event.
  • After the events are completed, the final input selects the Cave of Fame showing Vincent having each of the event records. This cycles indefinitely.

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: I can see what the movie tries to go for with its objective to show off comical animations, but the lack of technically impressing gameplay makes the run fall flat as a TAS. Rejecting.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #5336: DrD2k9's NES Caveman Games "Playaround" in 06:43.74
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I always liked this button masher. Even though the controls are pretty difficult, some of the animations are funny. Yes vote
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The biggest issue for me is that this doesn't give the impression of being a TAS at all. I could very well believe that all of the events were instead performed by a human in real time. I get that this is a playaround, but I don't see much value in it other than showing off the game content. Some funny bugs, if they exist, would be helpful to its entertainment. I might also like to see how the "advantaged" characters play through each of their respective events, achieving the theoretical max for the game rather than the max for the neutral character. No vote for me. It just needs to be sillier or more polished to make sense as a submission.
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In a playaround, I'd like to see weird combos and fun glitches. Not doing a poor throw, then doing an average throw, then doing a good throw. This movie is good for a demo of the game, but not for a TAS. (edit) I should add that for a playaround, you should probably run the DOS version of this game, which is both the original game and has better art than the NES port.
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om, nom, nom... sweet!