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Game objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk-
  • Plays on hardest difficulty
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Abuses programming errors in the game


This is an improvement of 875 frames (14.6s) over the previous submission by ArandomGameTASer. Improvements came from better speed control around corners, more usage of apples to get past enemies, more use of Hitbox Sword Extension, and subtle differences between getting past each enemy pack.
Agrabah Market-14
The Desert-40
Agrabah Rooftops-43
Sultan's Dungeon-257
Cave of Wonders-80
The Escape-48
Rug Ride0
Inside the Lamp-260
Sultan's Palace-55
Jafar's Palace-78

Level commentaries

01 Agrabah Market

No improvements on the first section, but managed to squeeze 12 frames by leaping over a guard, rather than just killing him. Afterwards, properly aiming apples on the upper section gives us another few frames saved.

02 The Desert

Doing a running jump into palm trees saves time over standing jumps, and a faster activation of Scarab #2.

03 Agrabah Rooftops

A more shallow angle saves 1 frame from first banister. Ascending the rope manually saves an additional short jump to get up. The boss gets a nice improvement this time. By making sure each jump goes closer to the him, each one can be shorter and thus more frequent. So much in fact that he doesn't even get the opportunity to create any offensive barrels to throw.

04 Sultan's Dungeon

All the periodic platforms that you can see are on a global timer, which sadly cannot be advanced in any way. This puts a huge cap on basically every section of the level, preventing any real improvements from emerging. What's rather stupid though, is that they don't actually start animating until the camera gets sufficiently close, which can often mean we arrive at basically a blank wall. This is what needs to be overcome if we want to find some real improvements, which managed to be done in just one place. Near the end, rather than slowly ascending through jumps to get to the last section, we can instead pause for a split second for a quick vertical camera pan, to make sure that the platform loads sooner, so that when we resume our climb it'll actually still be there. This managed to save 1 full platform cycle, giving a massive 257 frame improvement on the final stretch.

05 Cave of Wonders

Slight optimisations throughout, with one large saving. Properly controlling x coords managed to get us a skid jump on the necessary platform, to leap across and skip the section beneath the ghosts.

06 The Escape

A few frames were saved at the start, but makes no difference as the small falling rocks are also on the global timer. This means we need a little pause to bypass them, which evens out our time again. But for the second half, delaying our skid to the appropriate time means we can jump past the trigger which spawns the top boulder. This gives us access to the upper route, which is a nice stretch of land without intermediate jumps; giving us more skids and saves 48 frames getting across.

07 Rug Ride

As this level is on rails, don't expect any improvements.

08 Inside the Lamp

Despite being overlooked on previous runs, skidding can actually be performed along the blue genie trails that you see; it's just that they have less room for error. The global timer still does control a few things, such as platform movement, but that doesn't mean we can't find other improvements. Using an additional balloon gets us close enough to activate a finger flicker from behind, giving us a nice time boost. That, plus using a hidden genie spring near the middle saves us time going around, giving this level the largest saving of the run.

09 Sultan's Palace

Better optimisation hopping across the Flamingos, better speed control going around corners, and faster Iago battle by jumping up on the barrel.

10 Jafar's Palace

Each stretch of this level gets improved by a few frames, plus far less damage gets taken in the process. This does give us extra skids, as well as enough HP at the end to afford a slightly faster boss strat. A considerable saving despite no extra shortcuts being discovered.
Special thanks to ArandomGameTASer for his previous efforts with the game. Enjoy

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: Accepting as an improvement to the published run.
fsvgm777: Processing.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #5388: Flip's Genesis Disney's Aladdin in 10:04.86
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Excellent work. I'm surprised nobody figured out skidding was possible on the genie trail yet. Great improvement and an even better run now. Voting yes obviously.
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This is the 3rd time where a recent published run will be obsolete sooner starting by my Adventure Island IV then Crash Bandicoot 3 by lapogne36 and finally the Aladdin by arandomgameTASer. But yeah, this is the TAS the more you work, the more you win. I'm the first one voted yes by the way.
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This run gets better and better
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I'm blown away by the improvements in the third level! I did miss the prior version, so I don't know how new these skips are, but congrats on a great run. Nice that you can skid on the genie tails, too. I guess by that point in the TAS I was just using Al''s right arm as an indicator for being able to skid.
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I still think it sucks that the fastest way to do rug ride is to die on the first obstacle. I know why that feature was put in though. it was to keep from building up extra lives. with practice you can collect 2 and lose 1 repeatedly. I would like to see a 100% yas where every pickup possible is collected and every bonus stage is won for maximum points. this was entertaining though. especially inside the lamp. that level always kicked my ass.
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [3340] Genesis Aladdin, Disney's by Flip in 10:04.86