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jlun2 wrote:
For Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone (GBC), there's a glitch where if you use a card combo out of battle, you can death warp anywhere any time. The previous run, due to lack of cards, the combo chosen causes the screen to flicker a lot. Like, from using the bug, to the rest of the game: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/698993369321308240/1003722532307881984/SPOILER_HP1_Flicker.gif Warning: Flashing lights, do not click if sensitive. How long is this sequence? I'm ~15 minutes in to an hour long run, so 45 minutes of flicker. Choosing a different combo loses ~5 frames per use (so around 45-60 frames lost since I will death warp multiple times) , but does not cause the game to look like that. The current run has 4.8/10, clearly Vault material. Is this tradeoff fine?
Sounds fine... even tho I don't know how much time it will cost overall.
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