Submission #7239: keylie's Windows Unworthy in 24:05.40

Console Windows Emulator libTAS v1.4.2
Game Version unknown Frame Count 43362
ROM Filename Frame Rate 30
Branch Rerecord Count 5601
PowerOn Authors keylie
Game Unknown Game
Submitted by keylie on 10/29/2021 1:58:59 PM

Submission Comments
Unworthy is a 2D game inspired by Dark Souls and released in 2018.
Video has commentaires as subtitles

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: libTAS v1.4.2


Weapon switch

When switching our weapon from the menu during the attack, the game instantly starts the recovery animation of the new equipped weapon. This is used in this run to attack with the hammer, then switch to the sword recovery which is shorter.

Spirit bow quickshot

When you charge a shot with the spirit bow, the damage output of the arrow is computed based on the charge magnitude. Then, the velocity of the arrow is computed from the damage output and the charge magnitude (which is usually redundant). However, if you release the arrow frame-perfectly when the charge just started, then the damage output is not initialized, so it is using the leftover value from a previous shot.
Because of this, it is possible to fire arrows very quickly at maximum damage output. Those arrows will only have half of the maximum velocity possible, because the charge time is zero.
Another benefit of quickshots is the stamina cost. Normal shots cost stamina on startup, charge-dependent stamina then stamina again on release. For a quickshot the startup stamina cost is skipped, so only the release cost is applied.

Arrows through doors

For arrows with enough velocity, they can go through doors because collision is only computed each frame. This has been patched in the current version, but all speedruns are done with the old "speedrunner_spirit" version (Steam beta), as well as the present TAS.

Suggested screenshot

Framecount 39050

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