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Since the movie is the same as the current publication except for Slimy Sewer Hard 2, which I improved by 696 frames.

Playback note

Before opening the .bk2 file, go on GB > Settings > Enable BIOS > True, otherwise BizHawk will crash.


  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.2.1 (also syncs on 2.2.2)
  • Improving a single level, but much
  • Submitting the first run with GBC bios!

Suggested screenshot: 129370

And that's yet another unintended way to solve a level. Isn't this a pretty example of modern art?

Possible Improvements

Even if I haven't the slightest idea about how could anyone beat this, there are some levels that are particularly complex and thus more probable to have a faster solution available:
  • Creepy Castle Hard 5
  • Slimy Sewer Hard 3
  • Bubble Barrage Normal 10
  • Bubble Barrage Hard 5
Also remember that there could be more glitches to discover.
For the rest, refer to the previous submission text for more details about known tricks and glitches.

Fog: Judging.
Fog: Modern art, indeed.
Accepting as an improvement to the previous publication.
feos: Pub.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #5853: ThunderAxe31's GBC Toki Tori "all levels" in 1:02:43.11
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Can you please tell me how you managed to use the GBC bios on Bizhawk 2.2.1? I don't see any way to do it.
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You need to go on GB > Settings > Enable BIOS > True Then reboot the core and play the .bk2 file.
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Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [3661] GBC Toki Tori "all levels" by ThunderAxe31 in 1:02:43.11