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How can exploits be real if games aren't real?
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movie goal
  • Blowing your mind

why ThunderAxe31, why?
I feel that last year I didn't stand out enough, so I've decided to begin this year with a ground-breaking submission!

wut happened there¿
Everything is possible if you believe it hard enough, even changing a game into another one... Well I could go more into details but first we need to talk about parallel universes.

accessing another universe
In order to go to another universe, we need Crash to build speed for 12 hours. This is possible because Crash is present in the intro and can be controlled, it's just that you can't see him. Also, time flows faster during the intro, while the intro itself is slower than what it seems.

where is what
With the necessary movement technique and other stuff, we build just enough speed for reaching the closest universe: the universe of Spyro. Crash's and Spyro's universes are close to each other, as we all know.

what that means
The movie ends with a seemingly obscure text: "Flying into stores holidays 2000!". I'm not sure what "stores holidays" could be indicating, but it's a matter of a fact that Harry Potter's universe is right next there, so it has got to be referring to the Nimbus 2000, Harry's flying broomstick. Ok.

game mechanics, movement technique, glitches explanation, code disassembling, deeper meaning, potato
Coming Soon©®℗™℠

ThunderAxe31: Submitting.
ThunderAxe31: File replaced with a 666 frames improvement.
Masterjun: It Crashed? Judging.
Masterjun: ThunderAxe31 replaced with a version 32 parallel universe improvement. On behalf of Spyro Airlines, welcome aboard the Spyro Airlines flight. Please set your electronic devices to "wormhole" mode, and take note of emergency exits. A life vest is located under your seat, as well as a death vest, for potential death warps. This flight will be intentionally rejected in this timeline due to time paradox avoidance. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt, we will now begin our journey to Gruefood Galaxy.

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Crash sure looks different in this game. is he feeling ok?
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Can you launch Spyro from Crash 3 also? I need Spyro reignited trilogy on switch but I only have Crash N.Sane trilogy...
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E-Sh4rk wrote:
Can you launch Spyro from Crash 3 also?
No... I can't... I'm sorry... ... Just kidding! Of COURSE I can!
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