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Yo, Guys! Not sure if this is known, but someone posted a mp4 for a glitch in an off topic thread in discord. I decided to try and reproduce it and it was pretty easy. Maybe this has some ACE potential. Link to video Use Snes9x 1.51 v7 to play the file. Edit: Sorry if there is a topic for this game already. I couldn't find it. Also, in first time I managed to reproduce this oob trick, before recording it, the oob blocks were much closer. I just fell for like 1 or 2 seconds and the blocks were there.
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Well, I would say it has potential indeed, you can skip the entire helicopter level and go direct to stage 3, shaving I think like, 5 minutes from the auto scroll level? somewhere there is a exit and since I didnt learn much about reading memory data and thoses stuffs I will try explain the best way how I found an exit on this glitch. while descending the glitch many times you will be stuck because of thoses invisible walls, specially when bumping some of them, your character will not move at all. My guess about the exit is that it might be possible to find it if it has a memory value or something (not sure if said it right). Or by my experienc researching the glitch area, you might have to face dr derange once or twice in the glitch to make the exit available, but not sure about this one but when researching I only reached it when defeating him, but defeating him on the glitched stage is pretty hard, requires a lot of manipulation to have a favorable terrain for you also the game will lag a lot on thoses fights and will even crash when reaching a certain place (but the crash is pretty rare) . Thats all I remember, hope someone can do it to improve the run. Also the exit I mentioned might be found before having to have any fight on the glitch stage?
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