Post subject: List of known buggy Hi Hat sounds in Gens.
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I am not sure if this thread should be posted here but it seems appropriate. So to explain what this is, Gens's sound emulation isnt the best. Most of the time it can go very unnoticed by people, and the only real difference can just be some sound effects or music being louder than normal. However the one issue that I want to document here is the infamous Hi-Hat. What I'm referring to is a specific sound sample used in some Genesis games. This sample was used heavily in the Genesis music composing tool known as Gems, and this program made music composing much easier to do for the system. However, it's such a precise program that if not emulated well, can make it sound incorrect and even annoying to listen to. So I wanted to compile a list of games that have these issues, I'll be posting the incorrect one and the correct one for each game (assuming neither video gets taken down or somthing). I'll try to update this list as much as I can. If this issue sounds familiar to you and you've heard this in other games, post them here and I'll update the list.
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Shaq-Fu uses the hi-hat all over the place. GENS Genplus-gx
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