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Admin: Please replace uploaded movie file with revised file here.
Greil's Mercenaries and Critical Hits:
This movie is largely based on Vykan12's wonderful strategies in his segmented speedrun here [dead link removed] and described here.
The biggest variation of my run is that I utilize Edward instead of some stronger characters (Sothe, Tauroneo, Black Knight). The reason is that his Wrath skill combined with TAS makes him powerful due to high critical hit rate, yet high avoid to survive. Both these are enhanced after I give him Tauroneo's Resolve scroll, which gives 50% speed and skill boost when health drops below 50% (Below 30% needed for Wrath).
Techniques used: RNG Manipulation: RNG was manipulated to get good stat increases at level up, and for other gameplay purposes such as surviving a turn, or finishing a battle in one round where a critical hit or special skill attack are necessary. Up until Chapter 1-5, RNG was manipulated by changing the order of battles, where a certain combination will give better results than others. During Chapter 1-5 it was discovered that selecting an enemy for attack that is on a diagonal with a 2 range weapon will cycle the RNG. Two methods were used:
  • Alternate between weapon and enemy select screens (slow, approx 10 fr/cycle).
  • Alternating between the diagonal enemy and another enemy (fast, approx. 2 fr/cycle).
Difficulty came in that RNG Cycling and cursor movement were not consistent. On some levels dead frames would show up where input was not recognized, making these trial and error processes. When RNG cycling and movement was ideal, the TAS process was much less time consuming.
This movie ends with skipping cutscenes and scrolling text as needed until the credits roll and "Fin" screen appears, after which the game hangs and does not proceed to Records unfortunately.
Suggested Screenshot: VI=736999, Edward vs Ike.
Frame count on submission is incorrect by about a factor of 10.
To play .dtm file: Game version is the original, with errors such as Muarim's profile having Mist's description. Ensure only one Gamecube controller is active (disconnect the wiimote).

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #6738: Ubercapitalist's Wii Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn in 5:15:51.62
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Oh boy, I feel bad for whoever has to Publish this.
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I have been following your WIPs. Weak Yes vote because I don't like step-based RPGs that much.
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Post subject: Re: #6738: Ubercapitalist's Wii Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn in 5:15:51.62
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TASVideoAgent wrote:
Also, unchecked Config/Wii/Use PAL60 Mode.
This shouldn't even affect sync at all, considering you used the North American version, and this setting only applies to PAL games.
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EZGames69 wrote:
Oh boy, I feel bad for whoever has to Publish this.
That reminds me to a previous hell
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You should provide more information regarding your run. For instance I think its important to tell which version of Dolphin you used.
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Guys I come from the DidyKnogRacist communite, and you are all wrong, tihs is the run of the mileniun and everyone who says otherwise dosnt know any bater! I found this run vary ease to masturbate too!!!! Don't fuck with me, I know this game so that mean I'm always right!StupedfackincommunityTASVideoz!!!!!!
Arc wrote:
I enjoyed this movie in which hands firmly gripping a shaft lead to balls deep in multiple holes.
natt wrote:
I don't want to get involved in this discussion, but as a point of fact C# is literally the first goddamn thing on that fucking page you linked did you even fucking read it
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Mayor Haggar and Cody are such nice people for the community. Metro City's hospitals reached an all time new record of incoming patients due to their great efforts :P
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AngerFist wrote:
For instance I think its important to tell which version of Dolphin you used.
This is mentioned in the submission page (it's Dolphin 5.0-10833). What's actually more important is which version of the game you used, as there's two different versions of the North American version floating around....and the MD5 hash specified in the DTM is all zeroes. The ISO filename you provided doesn't tell me much, as it's just the game ID (see the page on the Dolphin Wiki).
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I have updated submission with version info.
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This movie ends with initiation of attack against the final boss. This allows a cutscene to play out and stops when user input is needed to scroll text.
Please provide the complete input. Regardless of which version will count for the timing of the run, and whether the submission is or isn't published, this is a common courtesy to the encoders who should not be expected to optimally finish the game in your stead to capture the ending in its entirety.
Warp wrote:
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I have uploaded revised movie file here, which ends input after "Fin" screen.
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Here are my notes after watching the run: - An enormous amount of time is lost due to TASing from power-on, as opposed to SRAM where you can turn map animations off (and have access to hard mode). This is somewhat understandable given TASes using SRAM are uncommon. However, map animations cost an enormous amount of time, easily over an hour, and is one of the main reasons this TAS is slower than the normal mode transfers RTA WR by over 2 hours. - The run uses outdated strategies compared to modern RTA runs found here. In particular, the RTA WR for normal mode transfers is 3:10:58 (see here). Again, somewhat understandable given you were going by my segmented run on speeddemosarchive. However, is widely known as the universal leaderboard for speedruns nowadays, so I'm surprised you didn't find it. The Radiant Dawn page on also links to the Fire Emblem speedrunning Discord (see here), which I encourage you to use should you make another TAS. More general notes: - Trains units that don't need to be trained (ex/ Micaiah, Nolan). Training Edward in particular cost a massive amount of time. - Over-use of paragon, leading to lots of unnecessary level-ups - Lots of unnecessary skill re-assignments, especially with adept and vantage - Unnecessary supports, which cost a bit of time every instance they're used (ex/ 3-11 Haar x Ike) - Gets items from the base that aren't needed (ex/ restore staff, renewal) - Uses coins on forges that don't need stat bonuses - RNG manipulation favors near perfect level-ups (often overkill) over critical hits Given all these issues, I unfortunately have to vote no.
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Vykan12: Thank you for the feedback. I will withdraw this submission for now, and if I redo will work with the references you provided.
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