Post subject: TASGiving 2020 console verified content
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This thread is for general discussion about content for TASGiving 2020 / that will be played back on real consoles. TASGiving gives us an opportunity to show off the best we have to offer on the site including content that can't be shown on real hardware but there are some things that are just more impressive. There are now pre-made NES/SNES/N64 replay devices over at https://Store.TAS.Bot from Ownasaurus and anyone can get involved. Is there something you'd like to see that's specifically console verified?
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BigBoct wrote:
How about the current Gen 1 Pokemon catchemall?
Link to video Outdated kek (submission hasn't happened yet since luckytyphlosion hasn't written writeup, although this TAS was console verified).
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There's been a lot of interesting stuff happening in N64 TASing recently, maybe some of those creators can give some commentary? Iknow WhiteTed has some cool Goldeneye stuff, and the recent SM64 120 star WIP post would be cool to have some commentary with it too. Also new improvements in Mario Kart 64.