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This is a videogame adaptation of Disney's five Winnie the Pooh films from 1966-1983. It's a boardgame... videogame! The whole strategy comes down to how good you are at rolling the dice.
The objective in this movie is to get in-game defined 100% completion as fast as possible, which beats all the mini games and gets all good outcomes in the storyline. If you were to go to the map screen and pause the game after this TAS finishes, the pause menu would read "Knowledge 100%".
  • 100% completion
  • Best ending
  • Heavy luck manipulation
  • Genre: Board
How the dice works
For the player, there is no RNG in dice rolls. Instead, it works as follows: when there is another AI playing on your board, the dice will give you a 1 on the first three frames you can press A to stop the dice, a 2 on the next three frames, a 3 on the next three, and so forth. After 6 runs its course, the cycle repeats. When it becomes your turn again, the dice will start this sequence again.
For the AI, the number that is rolled is purely RNG.
For boards with no other AI, the first turn follows the same rules as before. On subsequent turns, however, the dice continues from where the previous turn left off in the sequence, being preceded by a 1 for one frame in all circumstances. Rolling the 1 on the first frame of any turn will not advance the sequence previously described.
Boards 1-4 hosted by Owl
I simply take the fastest path to the starred space according to the above criteria, as the starred space unlocks the path to a minigame.
Exercise Game
In this game Kanga will perform an exercise routine that you need to memorize, and then the player must input the correct directions the second time around. You will still beat the minigame even if you fail the third exercise so I fail it as fast as possible.
Pooh & Honey 1
When rolling to see who goes first, the fastest situation was Rabbit and I both rolling 4's, so by default I go first lol. The rest is just getting 6's and manipulating Rabbit to get 1's to finish in the fastest possible time.
Pooh & Honey 2
You have to land on 3 starred spaces, each at a different corner of the map. There's two ways to go: clockwise or counter-clockwise. Going clockwise happens to be the faster way because walking up/down a tile is about 16 frames shorter than walking left/right a tile. The puddles subtract the moves you have left by two each time you land on one. By getting 5's on the last three turns, I can get across them in minimal time.
Acorn Game
This minigame is where most of the luck manipulation was spent. Where and when the acorns fall is manipulated by when your acorn basket is emptied. Each emptying generates three lag frames but minimizing that is the lesser consideration. I was able to get amazing RNG until I had about 15 acorns remaining where things went astray with a couple long gaps between acorn spawns in both time and space. I tried all I could to get it better but it would involve ruining the huge stretch of good luck I had earlier in the minigame so this is where it stands.
Flood Story
A simple, linear board where the goal is to land on the same space as Piglet. He begins 10 spaces ahead of you, which means I need to move 11 spaces between my two turns, as Piglet will move 1 forward on his. Rolling the 6 on my first turn instead of the 5 saved a few frames in manipulating Piglet to roll a 1.
Fishing Game
You need to catch 25 fish within the time limit to beat this one. Each fish caught actually pauses the minigame timer for a short time which is why I catch only 25 and don't go for a high score. Snagging a turtle does not pause the timer so I show that off a couple times.
Board 3 hosted by Owl
Special note on this one: I had the option of taking the left or right route to the trampoline, both of which comprise the same distance. However, the left route had 12 less frames of lag for some reason so that is what was taken.
Puddles everywhere on this board!! So many in fact, landing on the spring-board thingy in this instance is faster than walking around. Unfortunately that 1 dice roll at the end is necessary. There is no other combination of rolls that can save that sixth turn.
Honey Hunt
Vertical autoscroller. Attention was paid to saving lag frames and what could be done entertainment-wise.
Rabbit's Plan 1
To win this board, you have to avoid Tigger for ten turns. Though this is actually the only board where losing it would be faster than winning, we have to win it if we want to see the credits. There's also a catch here: Tigger's AI is able use cards, and we must avoid that scenario to prevent major time losses.
Tigger will only use a card on his 8th-10th turns if Pooh is 1, 3, 5, 10, 11, or 12 spaces from Tigger. Now, just rolling 1's all the way around the board for 10 turns won't work because: 1) Tigger will always begin his turn an odd number of spaces away from Pooh (note the "bad" distances of 1,3,5). 2) If we try to stay 7 or 9 spaces away, we will inevitably land on an arrow space which allows us to hide in the background scenery, but that has a very time-costly animation. It's so time-costly, in fact, that rolling a 2 wastes less time. Therefore, rolling a single 2 before Tigger's 8th turn should sync the two to "good" even-numbered distances.
I used the two on my second turn, such that Tigger would start his turn the maximum of 12 spaces away. As a result, I was able to keep him in lockstep for several turns, before having to let him get closer because of the "bad" 10,11,12 distances.
Rabbit's Plan 2
You have to land on the same space as Rabbit. The highest number Rabbit can roll in this minigame is a 4 for whatever reason so having Tigger roll a 6 then a 2 finishes the job.
Suggested Screenshot: Frame 23938

ThunderAxe31: File replaced for a corrected cycle count value.
feos: This run was probably meant to be a supplementary branch alongside [3432] GBC Winnie the Pooh: Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood by Winslinator in 10:23.55, but I watched them both at once, and in all the similar places their gameplay is almost identical. Aside from minor timing fluctuations (5-10 frames per board) and slightly different RNG in a couple places (the character traveling a step more and a step less), the routing is identical, so this movie contains all the gameplay of the any% branch. Accepting to Vault as a "100%" branch that supersedes and therefore obsoletes [3432] GBC Winnie the Pooh: Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood by Winslinator in 10:23.55.
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The movie appears to stay stable through the latest few bizhawk updates so I've grabbed a cart to test console sync!
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Am I right that this is still normal ending, and some more stuff can be done to get the best one? EDIT: Ah there's this screen here. Is it equivalent to best ending then?
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[quote feos] Ah there's this screen here. Is it equivalent to best ending then? [/quote] Yes I forgot to mention that screen also only appears once you get 100% completion, so I suppose ‘best ending’ is a reasonable branch name too.
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I was able to verify this but only after turning off ELF resulting in a pretty heavy resync including completely different fishing; however the final time is almost identical after the adjustment (17:40.64). I'm still not 100% sure if this was necessary and am looking at some things in our input dump scripts to see if I can get a verification with ELF on.
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Yeah runs with equal length frames true are pretty likely to desync. I don't think there is anything that can be done about it. Games that turn off the screen enough will eventually line up frame boundaries with input reading, and then the rounding in GBI will occasionally put the input on the wrong side. GBHawk also uses equel length frames, but avoids this by only changing input at the start of vblank, and games aren't likely to be reading input at that time since there are higher priority things to do. This is also why equal length frames false does work, since it tries to start new frames on vblank start. Maybe the text description for that setting should be changed to reflect this limitation (but really it is a limitation of the verification device so I don't know.)
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [4377] GBC Winnie the Pooh: Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood "100%" by Winslinator in 17:40.63