Post subject: TASes effected by uninitialized RAM
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I am encountering a large number of runs in my NES testing that rely in some way on uninitialized RAM, so I thought I would make a thread for such runs here so the knowledge that they need special RAM clearing for further testing is written down. [717] NES Monopoly "4 CPUs" by FractalFusion in 01:07.67 [4104] NES Monopoly by adelikat in 00:29.53 [2847] NES Rad Racer by FatRatKnight in 20:32.89 [2120] NES Silver Surfer by Skaad & HardCoreMangeur in 29:45.41 [4349] NES Marble Madness by Aglar & LeKukie in 02:42.07 I don't have a good way to do RAM clearing right now, but hopefully I'll be able to come back to these eventually.
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If this thread is meant to be a place for all TASes that are known to use uninitialized RAM regardless of whether or not they've been console verified yet, [4257] GB Donkey Kong by DrD2k9 in 54:15.44 qualifies. If this thread is only meant for TASes that have yet to be console verified, feel free to delete this post (or tell me to delete it).