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Hello! I have been using this as a guide to encode my NES gaming videos into x265 (Linux section): I modified it a bit in order to use x265, but the command is almost the same.
fceux --subtitles 0 --slstart 0 --slend 239 --xscale 1 --yscale 1 \
	--special 0 --pal 0 --sound 1 --soundq 1 --soundrate 48000 \
	--volume 150 --trianglevol 256 --square1vol 256 --square2vol 256 \
	--noisevol 256 --pcmvol 256 --mute 1 --nospritelim 1 --no-config 1 \
	--loadlua "~/nes-recorder/exit.lua" \
	--palette "~/nes-recorder/QuickNes.pal" \
	--videolog "~/bin/ffmpeg -f s16le -ar 48000 -channels 1 -i \"~/nes-recorder/s.log\" -f rawvideo -r 60.0998 -s 256x224 -pix_fmt bgr24 -i - -c:a libfdk_aac -channel_layout mono -c:v libx265 -crf 21 -preset veryslow -pix_fmt gbrp \"video_file.mkv\"" \
	--playmov "video_file.fm2" "rom_file.nes"
Now that I upgraded my video encoding OS, I have a newer version of FCEUX (2.6.1). So the shell command doesn't work anymore. I noticed there are video outputting options in "Options > Movie options" but I can't use my compiled FFmpeg to encode into x265 since there is no such codec. So my main question is, has the video outputting options removed in newer versions so I can't pipe the video output to my own FFmpeg? Also, should I somehow pass my compiled FFmpeg binary to FCEUX or what do I need to do here?