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  • Breaking the game. Not beating it, just breaking it. As fast as possible.
  • Though it doesn't feel much fast, but I actually tried, I swear...


This movie may look very similar to the fastest completion one. And the reason is because... It is. It is in fact very similar. The only difference is in the last few seconds of the movie.

ThunderAxe31: File replaced with a 80 frames fastester softlock.
Samsara: Pac
Samsara: Ah, here we go, this is a classic softlock, perfect for the discourse. The identicality to any% up until extremely close to the end of the game honestly makes it funnier for me. I really do hope this is the earliest possible point for softlocking in this game, the magic would be ruined otherwise, and also I'd look like a dope for the decision I'm about to make.
Given that I already PG'd a "fastest crash" branch, I think it's safe to say that we can also definitely PG softlocks as well. Hooray! Acceptability!

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Good ol softlocks!
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I've never seen a fastest softlock that's almost identical to any%... What happened and why can't you do it any sooner?
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