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What's up people. Has been some time since I last submitted a run, since I usually end up spending years over-optimizing...

Game objectives


About a week ago I asked in the discord server for a game which can be finished in a week. Exonym suggested this game. In a week I finished a run that was 4.6 seconds slower than this one. So I needed two more days to optimize it to be satisfied with the end product.

Tricks used in this run


Walking in this game is really slow. Best way of traversing a level is by constantly jumping. Lower jumps are usually better, unless some of the level layout or enemy placement requires higher jumps before to avoid running on ground and thus slowing down.


The dog can use number of different actions
Done with the B button. The three presses after initiating a jump have no effect, then there're four presses which can be distributed in any way, which is used to adjust the y subpixel position.
The Y button is used for it. Mostly it has no effect, but sometimes it changes the positioning a bit.
Done by pressing the A button. It only is useful after the dog got wet by getting hit from a water splash, which makes every enemy on screen get killed instantly, else it has no effect.
With the X button the dog can pick up food and the puppies at the end of each first scene.

Action canceling

The bark and shaking animation can be interupted by other actions, like ducking or jumping.


When jumping up legdes pressing L+R can be used to prevent momentum loss by clipping into the collision.

Trampoline momentum holding

In most cases jumping off a trampoline loses a portion of the speed, but with positioning it's possible to keep all of it.

Special Thanks

  • Exonym for suggesting this game
Thanks for watching. See you until next time whenever I finish one of those TASes which have been dragging on for years now...

slamo: Claiming for judging.
slamo: I'm surprised this game has never had a proper TAS, given its meme speedgame status a few years ago. Some sources call this game "Beethoven's 2nd"; this is the movie the game was based on, but the box art, cart, and manual all say "Beethoven The Ultimate Canine Caper!", so the current name is correct. All the optimization from the movement to the health management looks great, and it beats all known records. Accepting!

despoa: Processing...

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I remember playing around with this game briefly a very long time ago (can't remember when) and noticing how strange it was that jumping made you so much faster. Anyway, looks good, the TAS is as I would have expected. Though I recall the game was supposed to be titled "Beethoven's 2nd", but apparently the box covers in some regions have the name you put in your submission?
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And here I thought [4434] SNES Family Dog by EZGames69 in 05:53.73 was the strangest SNES game about a dog.
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FractalFusion wrote:
Though I recall the game was supposed to be titled "Beethoven's 2nd", but apparently the box covers in some regions have the name you put in your submission?
No idea, I just went with the ROM filename.
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Hah I forgot I used to own this odd playing game. Like the jumping tech. Never was able to beat this as a kid. Yes vote.
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When you asked in discord for a short game, I kind of suggested this as a MEME game, but I'm glad to see you took it seriously. Deep down I knew the game's mechanics weren't as simple as they looked because I knew jumping was faster. I like what I saw, and since it's my suggestion I have to vote yes right? (I did)
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Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [4688] SNES Beethoven: The Ultimate Canine Caper! by TASeditor in 04:24.00