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This routing utilizes the frame-perfect jump stab with every jump to minimize frame loss. It also kills each stage boss on the first frame possible (except stage 3 where it makes no difference).
Completion time is 9:29.900
Now if I could only find a way to pass through bullets... :)

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: Cleaned up the branch (we don't use "any%"). Also updated with a faster movie and added another author.
feos: It didn't feel right to reject this run simply for looking boring like I did before, so I talked to other judges and we agreed that now is the good time to allow more player counts in Standard, which we did.
Accepting as a new Standard branch. Should probably obsolete the most recent 1p publication.

despoa: Processing...

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The author is claiming a 9:29.9 as RTA timing as the TAStiming is a 9:41.92 with a Light Spike (corrected file).
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Disables Comments and Ratings for the YouTube account. These colours are pretty neato, and also these.
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Yes, it does beat the previous 1-player submission of 09:45.77 going by the time specified by Spikestuff.
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https://tasvideos.org/UserFiles/Info/638007953928209224 I optimized it. Apply to become a co-author.
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [4884] NES Rush'n Attack "1 player" by peco_de_guile & aiqiyou in 09:39.76